Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jingle Bell's Chinese New Year

CHINESE NEW YEAR is not only fun and enjoyable time for us humans... Jingle Bell, my doggie was not left out as well. During this festive season, he came to know and mingle with 3 new friends, 2 terriers from the neighbourhood and one from Johor who travelled all the way back with its owners.

At first Jingle Bell was all excited meeting up with his new friends, they were barking at each other and after awhile, they soon became friends and were chasing each other around my porch... it was fun looking at them playing "catch, catch"

Jingle Bell with his friend, Happy, from Johor....
"sniffing" each other up
before they become frens...

these 2 terriers were passing by
when Jingle Bell came out to say hello...


  1. the "happy" very the cute...hehe...very big and fit...ahha

  2. giant compared to JB.. haha.. very big giant german shepherd..i also scared of her..she is only 5 months old..

  3. hey nice of you to share this moment too. jb must be really lucky :)


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