Friday, January 9, 2009

Not Actsy But Lazy

On my table this very morning when I reached, was a letter with some forms attached. It is a promotion offer letter, not only to me but to all who are interested to apply. I just chucked it aside.. haha.. hey, i m not being actsy.. i m lazy ...
Reasons :
For many years, I have seen some of my colleagues applying year in year out without any success. Even if I get it, I will definitely, be transferred to smaller towns outside IPOH, away from home, away from my kids and can go back only weekends. The percentage of being promoted and working in IPOH is almost NIL...

So...finally... no promotion means money less, stress also less... CAN RELAX!!


  1. nice idea...better stay where you are, near with family and already adjusted well...

  2. yes, Amy.. i m not ambitious too.. just want to lead a simple peaceful life, feeling contented as it is now..

  3. no promotion does not mean less money, it means no increase in salary only ma.
    But it salary increase, responsibility also increase wor.
    If i were in ur shoes, i will not try for that promotion thing as well. I will stay where i am.

    Like me, working in SG where all my loved ones in KL. Very 'san fu' one. Home sick some more....

  4. we at this age get this promotion means little bit more money, very big more work , big headache, then all relative will also visit you, i.e high blood , heart stopping now and then, sweet urine (more meeting, more tea ma), more wrinkles, more uncountable rubbish will be assign to you. claire, you are wise to stay as you are, i am now waiting to see wat my hubby will become with his big new money...and away fr me ...

  5. wah can apply for promotion one!!

  6. thanks for agreeing with me all of u.. the only attractive thing about being promoted is getting 5 days more annual leave and of course, got some "power" la... but also comes with more responsibility naturally. me being me, i prefer to have stressless nights and not restless nights..

  7. u know which is best for ya hun.. ;) keep it on track then.. ;)

  8. That's a nice thought. As you go up the corporate ladder, the more stress you have.

    I just dropped by and I'm glad I did.

  9. Hi Claire, maybe get posted to SGP. That will be nice.


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