Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Social Media Marketing

Wow! Great! Wonderful! These words came to my mind after I log into the IZEA Kmart Social Media Marketing Campaign Casestudy website. Honestly speaking, the Social Media Case Study they have done up for IZEA/Kmart was amazing. They have done a good job, advertising, the overview programs, the layouts, they were all designed to give the best, featuring all the details and information one needs to know all about the advertiser. In fact, I have watched the video several times, they have so much information about Kmart, the awareness, the brands, sales and promotion offers, the traffic and of course, the bloggers' comments too.

I could not resist going to Kmart website after watching the video. Guess who I saw when I logged in? Well, she was none other than Jaclyn Smith, one of my favourite and best actress of all times. It was indeed a great surprise to see her advertising for Kmart, her ever charming smile and furthermore, a wide selection of products to choose from, home products, clothing, furniture, accessories and the list seems endless. Being an online shopper, I checked out some stuff and let me tell you, most of the products are at affordable and reasonable prices and yet with a high end quality feeling! There are some promotions going on now, great discounts and sales. Shipping is free for purchases over $49. On top of that, when we subscribe to Kmart emails for latest updates and promotions, we can get TWO $5 Kmart coupons Absolutely Free! So much for this social media marketing awareness!

Now, for those interested to know more about social media marketing, you can contact
Randy Mountz, VP of Sales at 1.866.514.1680 ext 117 or randy[at] Meanwhile, sit back and watch this amazing job they have done in IZEA/Kmart.

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