Thursday, February 5, 2009

Update With Perak Government

Being a Perakian and staying in IPOH since baby, I am indeed deeply concerned about the political crisis these few days and more so, especially today. Why? Just heard the news that the Perak Chief Minister has to vacate his office with immediate effect, orders from the State Secretariate and that goes the same with the Exco members too.

I couldn't resist not taking this picture before I left for home. The police truck and a police car were just outside the State Secretariate building, barring anyone from going in. No jams as yet, thank God, I reach home "safely". Just heard from friend that there are police block in certain areas... above all these, let's pray that God to be in control of all situations...


  1. i hope there will be no anarchy situation in Perak, Please for the interference of God, and punish the corrupt.

    I am with you,,, the righteous shall triumph

  2. This is a world where only the fittest survive. Reality is, those who follow the rules will find it hard to "survive" is this vicious world of greed for power and recognition.

    Though I'm not a Perak citizen, I have been following the developments closely, and I feel very upset and how things make an about turn. Whatever is happening in Perak will affect other Pakatan Rakyat controlled States in one way or another, and will most likely change the entire political scenario in this Malaysia Boleh country.

    Don't blame Anwar for starting the spark; even if he did, the truth is that our politicians are hopelessly weak - no principles, no integrity, no nothing.

  3. If I ever happen to see that lady limping frog I'm gonna PTUI her in her face..but come to think of it, she's not even worth my saliva!

    Truly as sad day!

  4. Yes sis..The Lord is sovereign in all situations.. I hope you would always be alright..

  5. The hoppers have misplaced the trust in them by the rakyat...*sigh*... they should amend the law to prevent defections.

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  7. seems all of us want to throw saliva.. but as u said, better save it.. we leave it to someone greater.. just pray for peace and harmony..

  8. this is really setting a bad worries, BN can have Perak coz BN will bloody lose Sarawak soon....just mark my words...

  9. Hi Reanaclaire, it is distressing to read these uncomfortable politics still going on there.
    I have been away 22 years and still get to read news of the kind of politics...that worries people in the country.

    For goodness sake...can't everyone live and let live instead of stabbing each other or causing undue distress to people.

    The economy is in dire straits, people losing jobs and homes, and politics take first place instead of the people's welfare?

    45% of the residents of Toronto are from another country.
    We live in an apartment. 50% are from either HK or China, mostly China.
    Others from Russia, Iran, Jordan, Afaganistan, Iran, Israel, other Middle East countries, South America, Europe, etc etc.

    The building manager is from Albania. The building cleaners from Greece and Brazil.
    The contractors from Portugal, Italy.
    The gardeners from Spain and Argentina.

    My car mechanic is from HK. I buy gas for my car from 2 Shell stations. One run by an lovely Egyptian woman.
    Other one from Iran. I buy my newspapers from a convenience store run by Thais. Another store, by Koreans.

    Walk into any Supermarket you will see people from every corner of the planet. Sit in the Subway or bus, you'll hear different languages being spoken.

    There are 127 different Nationalities here.

    The head of the Canadian Government is a Black Lady from the Caribbean Islands. Our PM reports to her.

    Some years back, the head of Toronto's 7200 police force was a Chinese lady from HK.
    One of our local politician's is a gentleman from Penang.

    MP's here, some take the bus to work, one cycles to work. No Mercedes! They wouldn't dare. Income tax will enquire where and how they can afford a Mercedes? A lot drive 2nd hand cars.

    There is total freedom of the press and God help the politician who does something wrong...he or she gets BBQ'ed in all the papers.
    The media here don't take prisoners.

    Phone the cops for help...they arrive within few minutes. If armed robbery, more than 6 police cars rush over sirens blasting.

    Whatever it is...everyone gets along with everyone here...Jews and Muslims, Buddhist and Christians.
    There's a Mosque, a Hindu temple, a Buddhist temple, several churches fairly close by...

    People should come first above all, not politics, especially now, today.
    People have enough worries....Lee.

  10. i am sad of this kind of people too!

  11. i hope everything will be settled in....please be safe

  12. What else we can do? doing nothing is not a solution..complaining will not solve the problems....

    Feel pity to ourself la..anyway, hope is always there if we continue pray for each other...

  13. i honestly dont know what to say... we should be looking at tackling the economic problems, not power.

  14. MALAYSIA BOLEH.. once again.. anything also can...

  15. Politicians,police,judges and now sultan too have become corrupted.Really sad that so much greed and corruption prevails in this land, and many are blind to see, or simply not bothered .

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