Sunday, March 1, 2009

Big Face Pancake (taikaumeen)

Before I forget, these yummy foodstuff were from Free School Garden, Terengganu Road, Penang. I wanted to take the name of stalls and the place where people were eating but my friend cautioned me not to, wor.. They might scold me wor... must ask permission first, he said..

never mind la, in that case, I just took my own food photos ... sure no one will scold..

Ok, let me show you what is my favourite pancake.... even in IPOH, cannot find this nice la...

when i was taking this pic,
the paper flew up and covered a portion of it..
shy pancake..

nah..this is the pancake.. called
Big Face pancake
(in cantonese tai kau meen)

there it is.. does it look yummy??
with brown sugar, peanuts and sweet corns...
it was steaming hot...
so must eat it quick...
before it turned cold..

and....this is popiah...
a different type of pancake skin
wrapping up some goodies inside...

Tomorrow I will display my main dish, grilled fish wrapped in aluminium foil ... and some ala carte.. and NOW, I am going out for my dinner... (I really torture myself, at times...)


  1. love those pan cakes ... :D

  2. looks crispy ..i luv it!! There's one little hawker in Tmn Johor Jaya also sell great tai kau min. I blog next time.

  3. ok... blog and let me know where.. there r 2 is the thin crispy type..and the one thicker.. i prefer the thicker one..more flesh to eat ma..haha.. more full..

  4. that looks really yummy, seems like you starve me early morning just looking at it. Anyway, thanks for following my blog. will follow you too

  5. looks appetizing.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  6. yummy as usual Claire hehehe...

    i leave messages in your cbox...

    congrats that you got back your PR2

  7. these are crepes, right?

  8. I would say Menglembu's taikaumin is the best ever! slurp!

  9. GG, i havent tried the menglembu one yet, heard it is delicious too..
    Eugene, yeah..went there for a nite.. to walloop..haha..

  10. Haha. Wow, speaking of traveling all the way to penang! =)

  11. Yummy post Claire :) Take care always friend!

  12. looks good! :) btw, on taking the photos of the shop, its ok. take a quick one hehe :) (btw, if not wrong, the law allows us to take photos of the general public areas & publish).

  13. I long time no eat this type of pan cake jor...
    I miss it so much...
    Must go pasar malam liow...

  14. really quachee? i also scared to take at time my fren took, the lady seller scolded her.. she said why take without asking permission.. but if take from far away..then ok.. zoom in.. haha..

  15. Wow, the pancake with peanut and corn looks so yummy!

    Could you share with me your recipe? I would love to make such yummy pancake :)

  16. hmmm... looks so yummy.. i love pan cakes

  17. Hello there!

    You poliah looks a lot like our lumpia (spring roll)here in the Philippines. If I got the time will email you my mother's very tasty recipe.

    God bless.


Thank you, readers!

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