Monday, March 23, 2009

Dinner At Gourmet Square, IPOH GARDEN

DINNER AT GOURMET SQUARE, Ipoh Garden..... 6 of us in one car... dare not go too far cos 4 of us sitting behind... if police block, sure will get summon... so end up eating at IPOH Garden food court.... I was very hungry so I ordered quite a lot of food stuff...
But the photos here showed less.... WHY? Cos I was too hungry, I forgot to take the photos...

ok ... this is mua chee...
Fernie and I love to eat this... I ordered 2 packets..
One is definitely not enough for us...

clay pot rice for 3 of us....
chicken, sausage, salted fish...

this is koay teow in egg gravy...

see the food?
got fried sotong, crabfish and lala too...

oh, fernie ordered hokkien mee...
thinking back, now i realized my kids are big eaters too
just like their mum.... poor me!


  1. i had been there before..
    and i like the "吉灵面" at there..
    it's a food similar to indian mee goreng in penang..
    meanwhile, the foods there were damn cheap compared to penang!

  2. haiyo....I really need to plan lah my next trip to Ipoh...uhuhuhu...the Kuew tiaw with egg gravy~ we called it "Wan Tan Ho" yummy....

  3. is called wat tan hor.. haha... eat too much very filling.. eat a bit ok.. a bit of everything is nice..
    cheekeong, pg food is cheap too.. compared to ipoh...

  4. lol...can eat is a blessing..:)so, eat more. hehe..

  5. Hi Claire..
    Im fine here tnx..
    The food look so delicious yea...
    one thing..what is 'mua chi'? I guess it's made from peanuts???

  6. wah...... lala.....i miss it! Miss eating at Ipoh garden too... *sob*

  7. The claypot rice looks a bit "white" in colour isn't it? My bf always likes it to be "blacker" in colour and it is tastier that way :p

  8. hmm.. the food looks yummy. I really want to make malaysian food but have not enough time to search some recipes.. but I will surely make it one of these days.
    There is no malaysian restaurant here in my town but we have chinese and thai restaurant.. I wonder if chinese is almost similar of your food?

  9. hi dropping by here.

  10. hi just just came to read of your nice post.

  11. i miss ipoh food.
    bean sprout chicken rice, ice kacang, lai fun, yong tau foo...

  12. uhh..
    Im hungry to see the photos..
    looks really yumie!


  13. lucky you didn't caught by the police!!
    Yummy foods you got there!!

  14. Have not been to this "mushroom" foodcourt for quite a while! Must go soon, lol!

  15. call me when u come, raynebow.. i wanna see u!

  16. call me when u come, raynebow.. i wanna see u!


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