Sunday, March 22, 2009

KKK And Me

You know something, I still have not get over it yet... I have thought of not writing a new post so as not to cover the former post, the one taken with KKK la.. what am i crazy? What is an elderly lady here getting overly excited for?

For one reason, I love watching KKK and TBH play in court and especially happy when they "happened to win" some matches...
For another reason, KKK was here in IPOH wor.. and seeing him for real... wah..... it is just beyond expression... cannot describe la...

And lastly, the REAL REASON of being "overly happy and overwhelmed" is..... TAKING A PICTURE TOGETHER WITH HIM!! yo..... so chang, so hoi sum...

Koo Kien Keat and Me
the oldest female fan
(picture is shifted to the sidebar)
to avoid misunderstanding...


  1. Hi Reanclaire, beautiful photo, good looking guy too.
    But I regret I am not or no longer familiar with Malaysian badminton now.

    Reason being here in Canada, its eat, sleep ice hockey, and baseball, and soccer!
    There's no shows on of my favorite games before.

    Guess Canadians don't know about badminton.
    Incidentally which country won the Thomas cup before? Malaysia?

    By the way, you are young, and age is just a number.
    Here you know you are old when couple of months before your 60th birthday the Government sends you a nice letter, "congratulations on reaching the milestone of your life...." and we get out 'Senior Citizen card' thus getting all the many benefits of a Senior, ha ha.

    You keep young and have fun, best regards, Lee.

  2. very handsome Claire hahahaha, visiting here

  3. Claire!!! I'm SUPER JEALOUS!!!hahaha! nice pic btw :)

  4. haha.... you got a crush? :P

  5. haha KKK =)

    not much from him these days..


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