Friday, March 27, 2009

May All Impossibilies Become Possible

Happy Birthday? No, not my turn yet but my blog fren, Miss Mathew, a teacher "instructed" me to do this birthday tag. So, being an obedient "student", I must heed Teacher Mathew's words ... early also never mind la.. as long as I get the "homework" done ... lol....

The rules are :-

  • 1. Make a list of what you want on your birthday
  • 2. The list should be 10 numbers
  • 3. Post the image of this award in your posting
  • 4. Give it to 10 friends of yours
The list... what I want?? 10 is a lot... right? but not for a greedy lady like me.. lol..
ok, lets go....with the impossibles....
  1. Peace on Earth
  2. Love one another
  3. Good Health and Long Life For All
  4. Enough place on Earth to cater for all long lives ...
  5. No poverty, all people living comfortably
  6. No crimes, no sickness, no tears...
  7. Families be united
  8. Bloggers like Eugene will not issue difficult questions on Fridays
  9. Let there be four seasons in Malaysia
  10. Everyone loves God...
phew.... Miss Mathew, here is the homework .. can pass or not?
Now I want to pass this thesis/tag to ...... anyone who wants to take up this challenge..
how about Goolypop? GG? (both of you are sinkars and i love to read from both genius here), sinkarlan or Calvin? (interesting MEN bloggers)
...ah...ah...aha....Eugene (since I mention u, surely u got a lot of ideas),
how about raynebow? (since u have no knitting to do now?)
who else ... chumsy's cute mama (are u free to share?)
lagi .... oh, Kevin from blog to learn (yes sir, no sir lecturer),
hey, Gabriel (can help auntie out?, i treat u makan, ok?)
and last and not least, Wensher (i know u r obedient too... but make sure u r free, ok?)
My task is done, now I can RIP... . choi... ... i mean, relax in peace la...


  1. hmmph! i lauchan jor! you got put the link of goolypop and sinkar but NOT me. how can??!!

    (good excuse not to do the tag.. hehe..)

    btw, I'm not sinkar, hoh? I'm a very serious, down to earth, no-fooling-around kind of person, wokey?? :P

  2. wei..sorry GG, u know why.. i got to punch clock at exactly 5pm just now in ofis.. please forgive me. i do it now leh..ok? moe lau ah.. sek sek,...

  3. oosh,thank god my name is not there, ok, claire, next week i give you simple question one like let say.

    What is the name of the wife of Neil Amstrong,(the firt guy on the moon)hahahahahahahahahahah

  4. Impossibilies...??? Miss Mathew is going to cane you... Hahahahah!!

  5. hahaha phewww!! i'm not up to tags lately.. lucky me...hehe


  6. hey, thanks. will do the homework soon ;)

  7. *lie down on floor and kick both legs* ngo mm jai! ngo mm jai!

    you delete their links first... then i jau hoi sum lak!

    (p/s: this kind of woman (me) you still take her seriously ah? no nid to say sorry one geh.. i'm a nice nice person lei geh..)

  8. wo lai laaa~

    no. 1- ur wishes very noble. Can join miss universe oredi! Sure win!(that's if I dun participate :P)

    no.2 - Do not associate me wif GG. We r divorced, becos she is very silai.

    no.3 - after wish guarantee come true not wan???

    *step on GG on the floor* Ops, didnt c u there..

  9. *AIYAK* (!@#$% sei-fei-poh, yao big, yau cock-eyed)

    divorce?? after you begged me to return to you last nite and all that happened, you saying divorce?? ok! fine! it's final! you don't come and beg me again, hoh!


  10. haha... for a moment, GG, i tot u were swearing at me.. hak sei ngor.. cos i always read my comments from down to up.. hehe... wierd people always do that ma.. ok if both of divorce already, then i got chan or or not? (mouth lau foong..cannot say the ssss sound )

  11. claire,

    did u realise u invited two saboteurs here? regret moe? regret moe?

    Thai ji lerrrrr! How to get rid of us?

    GG, should we bribe for some food here since she so fanatik food? (This is a part-time contract, once kaotim, I am not talking to u still)

  12. claire, say properly.. u want silai or fei poh??

  13. now u said that.. i also kian a bit now.. let me think over tonite.. i go see pak chi first.. birthdate, time.. bagi i..both of u..

  14. see sun , pak jee... fai tit lor lei. perhaps that sinkarlan can translate for me...

  15. there! she chose me! she chose pak chi! ngor jau hei cheung pak chi-look alike lak!

    yau tas-see!

    goolypop, yeong hoi! shoo!

    (eh, what's this post about again ah?)

  16. *roll up sleeves*

    hei yao chi lei! who write one this post? my link also wrong jor.. become life-decoration?

    *look at claire*

    which hand type one? lor chut lei!!!

    btw, y got 2 aunty on the floor look lei look hui geh?

  17. elloh GG!

    Pak chi ahhhh!! Sort sort tei that paak chi mui ah.....

    Hai lei lak!

    Ngam lak!


    Sinkar sinkar, where art thiu? Jom go singha!

  18. yao singha yum hai mou? jou hiong ma!

    *shake the can and flip the tab and shoot at everyone*

    mong meh mong? mei kin kor hak seh wui ah?

    *go pee in the corner*

    *and fart*

  19. sinkar.. yuen loi claire 1 loi doe hai thot life-decoration is u...good mah.. pretty also laa..

    goolypop, sui yin hei yau siew siew paak chi, but still, gau sock ack. cham tak gor claire jooong yi!!

    (claire, you want us to keep going or sok seng promise us food to shut us up?)

  20. waaaah.. sinkar hoe MAN ah! Majiam Taisoh!

    Ok all together now~

    Yan sang yi sai siong, yau kei tor ji kei?

    *refuse hold GG's hand*

  21. wei..all the silais.. and sinkars.. now 11.26pm..

    really..siew sei ngor.. i really laughed out loud when i saw sinkar's become life decoration...

    hoe tui mmm chu, sinkar.. as i said, i was rushing for time to go home after ofis at 5pm.. see tau por also behind me.. so fai fai kau thim sau koong ...never realise mistake.. sei moe..

    cham char yeen chor... ok? bowl of fook keen mee, tak mmm tak?

  22. conpirmed! claire only lum mafia sinkar.


  23. haha..... how i wish i can lum everyone.. waahhhhhhh... very tam sum like edison chen... hahahahaha


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