Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Anger In Me


Woke up 5.30am.. and started our journey to his college which was 2 1/2 hours drive away from IPOH....

Lined up to pay the registration fees... Waited more than half hour to come to my turn...
Sorry for telling this... when my turn came, I knew why the delay and the "slowness"...
A very elderly lady staff was just learning to key in the enrollment particulars of the students...
She typed so slowly, never mind, another young lady staff was at her side teaching her what to type in (the codes and so on, I guess...)....

aaaaahhhhhhh..... why of all today, just learning how to key in????
This is not her fault...the college's adminstration was at fault...
Very well they know today the crowd would be there to pay and register....
Why do they allow an elderly old lady to key in the data and collecting the money?
Why don't they just allow someone more efficient to the computer to do the tasks today?

I was fuming inside when I saw the poor old lady "tic tic tic" at the keyboard, I have to resist from saying "Please, can u learn the computer another day?"

Okay, after paying, we went off to the hostel, a few minutes drive from the college.
Lined up again...
When my turn came, she looked at my receipt and asked me "Why the hostel fees only 740rm and not 1040rm?"
I got irritated again..... Taking a deep breath, I told her that the college adminstration did the receipt this way, they already collected all my money, how and what they typed on the receipt, how would I suppose to know?
Then she said "oh, cannot... you must go back to the college and clarify with them... hostel is 1040 and not 740."

aaaahhhhhh... I wanted to scream!!!
Fuming again, I drove back to the college and looked for the old lady again...
I was told she went out for lunch and would be back at 2pm....THAT DID IT!
The bomb in me exploded...
With an angry voice, I told the girl the problem, the hostel admin wouldn't allow me to take the keys without the proper payment written there....u know or not, I have to run up and down, what is this?? I already paid for the full amount u all wanted and now bec of the codes or whatever, I am being penalized???

She quickly called up the hostel admin and I heard her talking quite loudly to that lady over there, she also sounded angry...
After hanging up, she apologised saying that the hostel admin should not asked me to come back to the college and clarify....she said she had settled it with them and asked me to return to the hostel...

While driving back to the hostel, my son told me to simmer down, don't be angry with them, he said he will be staying there for 4 1/2 years... so don't make him so outstanding...

Okay, I told him to go in and settle himself... I would enter later.... but from the door, when she saw us, she apologised already... I also softened.. "its alright... may I know whether there r dobi services over here...bla bla bla............"

The end of my BOMB for today....

(I admit I am also getting old...
if not, why am I so long winded in this story?)


  1. don't blame you for fuming. i would too :D

    ok...better sleep early tonight ;)

  2. alalaa.. calm down.. like mommy said , i would too :) hihi..

  3. oh no! pity nia .....calm down calm down, lets go eat ice kacang to cool down...

  4. i also surprised at myself. As i grow younger my patience begins to thin. Signs of something right? No need to spell it out:-)

  5. Okkk..ok....let go u feel relief?? If yess..... ok...good I am happy for you... ;-D

    We get angry sometimes... Who never get angry???? ;-D

  6. can't balme you's already stressful driving all the way there in the early morning and have to face all these issues... relax sis.

  7. whops, sesated here,
    anyway, its normal to explode at some point...

  8. Actually, they DESERVE to be scolded. LOL. Peace! ;)

  9. Totally understand - and it is not about age!!! :)

    BUt your son's comment is sooo cute! hahahaha....

  10. haha...admire your courage to speak up. hehe...andy got a witty way of getting message across. haha...

  11. it is ok to let out the steam,no you are not getting old, old folks have tamed their temper, instead you are getting younger cos your temperament is just like the 21 years old, you see?

    at the hindsight, should be glad that everything is now done and over it, and now it is paying time, how many to go la?

    take care my friend, and stay cool, tomorrow is Lau Kung Che ma

  12. haha..where got young anymore.. i think due to men-o-pausing la.. tempers will be like flying daggers anytime ... whsoooosh....

  13. May be I'll be more angrier than you if I was there, scolding them till they stick on the ceiling!!!

  14. Haha... i would have given them hell! :P Demand to see the manager, see the pengarah, whoever-in-charge lah, LOL!

  15. Wow!!! I read your post also can feel your anger..sooooo garang!!!! LOL
    Are you soothe already??

  16. also ashamed already *face down*... dont know why came over me..i was famous for being the most patient one around.. ahem.. but now i have changed to a fat old lady wearing the black frame specs, with hands on the hips and shouting @#$%^&*&... bla bla... (can imagine me?)

  17. i properly exploded at the hostel admin already. u r much cooler...heehee....

  18. boy boy, must study hard oh..........

  19. oh no!!calm down,calm down--bad for the wrinkles lol!^_^smile

  20. I think I will be angry like you too. Wasting time, isn't it? Anyway, glad it is settled now.

    Happy holiday to u!

  21. i guess to feel anger is very normal...the good thing is you still in ur good poise...thanks to your son, he helps to keep u relax..

  22. Hi Reanaclaire, ha ha, I can imagine the volcano erupting...
    it happened to me long ago in Malaysia. I
    I was given the merry go round, musical chairs game like yours in a Government dept. Nobody seems to know what they doing, passing me around upstairs downstairs...

    Well, I blew my top! I BANGED the reception table so loud and at the top of my voice, it was very loud, "DON"T ANY BODY HERE KNOW HOW TO DO THEIR WORK"?

    Oh boy, from the security to several managers etc came running out. I sure got my stuff done ASAP.
    When I banged the table, the receptionist ran away, ha ha. Lee.

  23. wah..U LEE... I dont dare to do what u have dared..hahaa... if i did that, my son would definitely asked for a change of college straightaway..right on that very day...hahaa...

  24. Where did you go? Private college or government? I went with my daughter to register at that teacher-training institute in Kedah...and they sent us north, south, east, west...and wasted ONE whole morning!!! Bunga a lot, inefficient, really fussy over nothing... How this kind of people can be government, I really wonder?

  25. Maybe it's time for you to let out some of your overflowing lava in your volcano.. scared scared ady lo :(


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