Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day One In Shanghai

Day 1 - After landing in Shanghai airport around 7am, we were taken to this place for our breakfast.... oh dear, I cannot remember the name of this place, it is either Cheng Huang Miao Shopping Street or People Square (please forgive me, I am illiterate in Mandarin)... as far as I know, we came here to eat the little dragon dumplings and to look see, look see....

I was very impressed by this place,
it must be called the People Square
because all I saw were people and more people...

tour guide (in black) reminding us
what time to assemble back in this place...

Starbucks, I can see u here...

now... must go look for the food..
Dragon Dumplings, here we come!

4 of us ate ordered around 20 of these
siew loong pau (s) (dragon dumplings)
and one must know the technique of eating these..

firstly, u bite an opening
2ndly, u slowly suck out the juice
from this dumpling..

then put some striped ginger...
and open your mouth...ahhhhh... ngam...

this also needs sucking expertise..
do it slow otherwise might burn tongue one...

after eating, i walked around and saw them "doing" these..
i mean preparing the dumplings...
and i notice... "no gloves" la....
never mind de...
what has been swallowed were delicious...
yours truly could still walk around..

walked around...look see look see....

snap , snap...

my friend bought one of these dolls..
50rmb = rm 28.00
not cheap leh..

one for the album....

to be continued....


  1. EnVy~I oso wanna travel to Shanghai, I heard my friend said there is very nice~~

    awaiting for more photoSsss!!

  2. actually trip to shanghai is more on shopping.. and lakes... bring more money..lots to buy.. haha..

  3. I was told that there are a lot of reasonable and quality restaurants in Shanghai. Hope to go for makan-makan one day. Nice and interesting blog!;)

  4. nice much food. hehe..more pics please.hehe...aunutie using wat cam? the handphone ah?

  5. very nice leh..sis. Din bring me there :(

  6. Hey, so you went to China!!!! Had a great time? So glad that you are back my friend :D Can't wait to see more photos.

  7. Hai..wah! makan2 lagi kat sana...sedapnya.. saya da link sis kat uma blog saya...

  8. lei jui hou lah, how ee sek fong... very ho mein lah you..
    but i really think you deserve a break,,,,, got buy shau shun for me or not?

  9. Hi there! Thanks for visiting and commenting in my blog!

    One day I would love to travel to China particularly Shanghai, Shen Zheng and Beijing...... :) Nice pics you have there. Love the food photos! :p

  10. relaxing, holiday in Shanghai. Hope to see more pics from your trip.

  11. awwww... dim sum!!! wwwwooooo!

  12. Wow, great Adventure here Claire..

    By the way, I came by to tell you I have awards for you here. Please grab it when you have time, see you!

  13. wow the food in shanghai seems nice hor!....:)

    now already past mid april, next half will end soon and ur house will regain it perfect condition again...heehee...


  14. welcome back! any present for me?

  15. Can't wait to read Day 2 and all the food and things you get to see in Shanghai!

  16. my wife and i were contemplating either to zoom to new zealand or shanghai for our 2nd honeymoon. by the looks of things, shanghai looks mighty attractive. gotto wait for all your updates and wait for the finale before i make up my mind :)

  17. Ohh...I want to go there as well...!! T_T

  18. yap,I have burned experience on my tongue when eating the dumpling!The soup in there is too hot!!Looks like you had a blast there in Shanghai!!^_^

  19. Got dimsum here, chef from Shanghai...lots of msg! Over there like that or not? Personally, if I had the money, I wouldn't wanna go to China! LOL!!!

  20. hi Claire, glad to see you're back.. missed you. wow the trip looks very colourful and yummy too.. i want to try that big dumpling with straw! hehehe

  21. omg....the xlb look so white and delicious...i love to suck the juices out ler....damn it...temp me nia...

  22. wow..what a xcited to see and look and read your day 2

  23. wahhh... siew loong pau.... *slurpp*drool*

  24. that building looks like a palace...:)

    sucking juice out of dumplings? hmm,interesting...:)


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