Monday, April 20, 2009

My Morning Brunch

After coming back from my holiday, I have a sudden craze for curry noodles...something spicy and hot. Since today is a holiday for Perakians, my girl and I went to town to have our brunch ... (always brunch bec we are late there such a word?)

This shop sells a lot of desserts, tongsui and a small stall at the side selling nasi lemak and curry noodles. I had not tried curry here before so this morning, I pandai-pandai ordered one bowl. Wow..when it came, it was so big and since my girl does not take spicy food, I had to finish it all by myself... I think it can last me through dinner....

meehoon stashed with chicken meat, long beans
pig skin (choo pei) and beancurd (taufoo pok)
only RM3.50 (quite accepable)


  1. Wow! I'm so goin for a quest to get myself curry mee tomorrow!

  2. thank you for stopping at my blog
    and in pic your brunch just filled my mouth with water :)

  3. Where is this stall at?

  4. this shop in in Raja Ekram, IPOH.. next to the famous taugeh chicken shop...

  5. I love chi-pei with curry! Sighh... hard to find them in curry noodles here :(

  6. my colleague mentions this dish.
    malaysia got such nice food.

  7. Very cheap...and looks absolutely delicious!! Yum! Yum! I think Ipoh is like Sibu too...lots of things to eat and cheap! Unlike KL or Penang...

  8. Penang has a lot to eat aso..same in KL.. IPOH food is not the same as those days.. either some has migrated to other states or has disintegrated from here... haha..
    those heritage cooks have not passed down their secret recipe to their younger generations..


Thank you, readers!

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