Friday, April 17, 2009

Pampered And Then Butchered...

After showing all the yummy food, perhaps this will give an adverse effect...

Yucks!! Whose chu kwok are those??
(should be called pai kwat kwok-Fleshless)

soaking our beautiful legs in hot boiling water..

We were taken to this medicine factory and were given special treatment before they "butchered" us with their products....

Firstly, we were given herbal hot boiling water to soak our poor legs... then each of us were pampered with a half hour "legs massage".....

Lastly, we were almost Pestered to buy their products....ahhhhh... yeah, right, I ended up buying some packets of herbal medicine to soak my poor legs in my own home... Cost me RM75 for 20 sachets...
(yes, bet many of u are calling me STUP____.... soh soh tei)


  1. Oh I know I would love this! Lucky you :-)

  2. Hahahahhaa..never mind as long you enjoy it

  3. hi, i have a new site: the other one is kaput.. weeee

  4. anything lah.. as long as ur legs got pampered! hahahha

  5. Marketing tactics. Anyway, you all enjoyed.

  6. Wooo~ ahaha.. Y u never dip your leg into the herbs in the pic one? Hot one ar? ahaha.. Btw, im not affected by the pai kuat kwok.. I am still attracted to your food.. wakakkaa.. :P

    Nice to see that you enjoy ur trip. That's cool.

  7. least u treat ur feet...

  8. Never mind lah... you will only get "butchered" once only mah... it comes with the package of travelling in China. Hehe...

    Next time go there pandai-pandai lor...

  9. yeah..anyway, no regrets la... come out must also spend a bit, right? as long as happy..yeah...otherwise if everything also pinchpinch, no shoik also..haha..

  10. so what is the feeling after soaking your beautiful legs in the herb water?

  11. The boiling soup must have works its magic on you...Must have been good right? otherwise u wont buy any of them...hehe...


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