Friday, April 3, 2009

Wrong Choice, Wiser Next Time

THIS MORNING I thought of taking something light and cheap but ended up paying more than it was worth. Not a wise choice, next time will not order like that... (wrong makes right)

So what did I eat? I took these only...... (Don't call me big eater, huh...ok!)

a bowl of groundnuts porridge...
something light and dilute...

two pieces of sweeties...
sorry, pic a bit blur... hands shaky?

and a bowl of this dessert
white fungus with longan...
Do you know how much these cost?
RM 4.50
expensive breakfast...

see this bowl of curry mee
with chicken slices, fish cakes and beancurd pok?
only RM3.50 leh...
of course this was not mine...

Mine wrong choice, her curry mee better choice...


  1. only rm4.50!!!! and tat curry mee only rm3.50!!! walaoeh... but yours healthier mah. walaoeh, cheap larrrrr!

  2. cheap? haha..i tot my breakfast was expensive then... nowadays such things like this also cost a lot huh..

  3. hi claire, those foods makes me hungry again ^_^
    looks good! I like visiting your site and making me hungry hahaha! ^_^

  4. i love curry mee ... your photos really make me hungry ... okay i wanna get myself curry mee now :D

  5. hey, i think RM4.50 is ok leh. aiyoo, drooling liao la, these few weeks i also crazy for curry mee leh. Manatau, tengok2 ur blog, also pop up curry mee, that's really makes me "meleleh" !!!!

  6. woww, heavy breakfast & yummy some more :D
    BTW, thanks for dropping by :D

  7. yummy! looks delicious. You remind me it's lunch time now. LOL

  8. wah... air liur pun keluar tak berhenti...

    tengok sedap! harga pun murah!

  9. must really take a break from your blog. all these good food is making me hungry and i'm supposed to be on a diet.

  10. you know what the lovely thing about food is expensive or not its always that chiken gravy......yummy

  11. hahaha...i think i prefer yours! curry mee very fattening....yours very 'ching'! :)

    and yours got 3 items leh!:) not that expensive!


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