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Illiterate Mum?

As I have posted earlier in my blog, I bought this nokia 5800 xpress music with wifi...
Why did I buy it? For youngsters, it might be for the music.... for me, it is just the WIFI thingy...

Conclusion: for me to use, it is really wasted..... WHY?

Read this....

Just now my son called me, "mum, switch on your 3G so that we can see each other."
alamak.... huh? where to press? where is the 3G button? how... where....

He said go to settings, connections.. look for ... bla bla bla..... I tried doing as per instructions on the handphone but sigh.... I gave up... "forget it, cannot la.."

Just now I read over the manual book... lousy one... they never write anything on how to activate the 3G.... either I no understand or they never teach.... chey....

What I know are these features... ... receiving calls, calling out, sms-ing, listen to music and changing them to ringtones, get connected to the website....and...and...i think that is about all....

WELL, how about that??? Isn't that a waste buying a Nokia 5800 and not utilizing their features? :(

I guess it is a better option to go back to the phone shop and allow myself be "taught".. hahahaha..


  1. happy mother's day dear. hehe..i also did that. bought a handphone with multiple features but end up doing just the basic things like calling, receiving, sms-ing and photographing. The time to learn. And after few years, this so-called sophisticated hp shows signs of breaking down. But, it always nice to have an 'eye-catching' hp. Lol....

  2. i m not alone.. u know, at my age, lazy to read the manual book thoroughly... i m too dependant on my sons... well, i guess i hv to start learning once again..

  3. I change my mobile phone every year. This is part of the contract I'm entitled to with the network. No matter how fanciful phone they offered me, I'm still unable to keep up. What a waste..hee..hee. I hardly sms at all. I rather call and get over with it.

  4. nasib baik one u.. each year new phone... my former one lasted me nearly four years.. actually still in good condition.. i bought this nokia for its wifi only...

  5. I'm Anon 12.05

    Nasib baik but what to do. Don't know the latest tech, but maybe I'm lazy to learn..teeheehee...

    Anyway, I've tried leaving a comment in your Desire blog. I just want to let you know that, I'm thankful for the direction after reading it. I've read Nehemiah and my heart felt lighter. I hope yours too. Thank you. :-)

  6. gift wrap gooly to u.. happy marderrrr day... tomoro give me back ah.. Jangan hilang satu bulu of his, ok..

  7. yeah happy mothers day.
    well, i think u just need to learn about the features.

    to be honest, i myself still having problem with my 3g, i never managed to make a 3g call with my phone and it was my aunt who persuade me to 3g with her. LOL

    anyway, i dropped by because i need to ask aunty certain things about guardian angel, i make some research in internet but it wasnt wat i was looking for. as i found out, it might be christianity stuff so i thought of asking aunty about it.

  8. tienzyee, thanks for coming by.. and anon too..
    i tried to get to your blogs to comment but i could not..
    if u happen to come by here again, please leave me your blogs address..
    thank you...
    and have a beautiful sunday!

  9. Hi Claire,


    the nokia 5800, my dream phone leh... too ex now, got to wait till the price drop somemore...hahaha....i aso dont use 3G...but i love that phone...


  10. haha i rarely use 3G too.. expensive i guess?

    happy mother's day! =D

  11. it cost RM1350... now i think u can get for 1299..haha..not much change but still cheaper..

  12. Even young man (like me? Haha.) don't read manuals. LOL. Happy mother's day to you and all mothers/future mothers.

    Should have someone to teach you on the spot rather than reading another manual here. :D Cheers!

  13. that's why i am scared to change from my motorola. been using this brand for umpteen years. but they are closing now so have to change brands. arrgh.

  14. hahahaha u made me laugh Miss Claire...
    u have to read the manual again to learn more about your fone..

  15. hahah. lol i have a new chines phone and guess what im unable to save has all these diff writing options and when i press for one letter i end up getting a whole word.........have to take it back to whom i brought it from. HOpefully he will know how to do it..........

  16. Hey is ur 3G service activated or not? Have to ask the service provider to activate it for u if not mistaken. I do have a 3G phone. But since I have changed sim card and it took me ages to get it activated on the new sim card. I gave up. Good to use it to talk to someone else who have 3G phone, like u can see ur son face to face, while talking on the phone. It's pretty simple. Just choose the option to make video call. But I'm having a SE phone, not Nokia. Not sure how is the Nokia one. :)

    p/s: I think now u can get a 3G phone for less than 1k? Depends on the brand and model. Mine was about 2 yrs ago, even back then it costs me less than 1k.


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