Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Infatuation, Puppy Love, Dating......

Today while driving my girl home from school, I was Bombarded with a question .."Mi, how did u go through teenage life?" "Me? almost same like u...almost only...I walked to school those days, now u sit in the car, I do housework when I reached home, now u just do your own stuff in your room..." (almost same hor?)

Then she retaliated, "haiyah..i didnt mean this...what i want to know is, have u "paktor" before?" OUCH...paktor? Paktor means DATING....OH Gosh....

My teenage girl asking me whether I dated before or not during my teens..... Now..that was a difficult question to answer at that spur of the moment.

If I say "yes" ....then I am asking for trouble or not? She Might follow mama's footsteps and say "mum, if u can, why can't i?" sort of thing.....

If I say "no", then we will not have anything to talk about....she will surely keep quiet, right?

So I replied YES, I have.... BUT, *a quick but*, that was infatuation, puppylove, Ah Girl...
not real love one.....not lasting one.....WHY? (now it is my turn to ask)

Anyway, to cut short over here, I am glad I did tell her about my experiences and she shared with me about her situation. As a mum, I guess we need to be "open" about this topic but inwardly, I am really "DEAD WORRIED".....

The woes of a MuM..... now I know how my own mum felt when I was a teenager.... haiyoh....


  1. Haha... you are worried about your girl dating huh?

    That was how my mother worried about me also. She always told me not to get a girlfriend.

    But now, she keeps asking me, "Got girlfriend or not ah? If got, tell me lah, and bring her back home, I want to see!"

    And I keep telling her, "Mummy, I got no time for girlfriend now."

  2. hahaa... well, at yr age, i also asked...i also asked aaron..all mums same... so when r u bringing yr gf to see me too? :)

  3. I would worry if I were you. :) It was not that teenage daughter can't be trusted. It was her BF that was in question... :D

  4. I think that's how my mom feel when I asked her that question long time ago..hihihihi...I think I had to be prepared from now on lah..who knows..god willing...I got my own kids and they asked me the same question as well... =.=

  5. lol..claire..the biggest fear ever huh..when I delivered my son..and go through all the tough work..I start to really2 appreciate my mom more than ever...

    We will start thinking...oh this is how my mom and dad go through..lol..

  6. aiyo...i also dunno how to deal with this when the time comes. me very rebellious when i was a teenager and gave my mom lots of headache and heartache *shake head*

  7. hehehe..... nowadays kids paktor very early..let them be la..but watch over them - no late nights, no togetherness alone in a house..etc etc.

  8. It's normal you get worry. But at least your girl want to talk to you on this subject. Me and my mom can talk about anything. We are like friends. But relationship is the only one thing, I did not talk much to her. Hehehe...

  9. LOL! Now i know how worried a mom is for their girl. Henry and auntie claire, my mom also same leh.. Asking me to find one boyfriend. Aih, very contradicting. LOL. Up till 1st year o 2nd year, she kept reminding me NOT to get involve first. Now, every day ask. LOL. I guess she thinks i am too 'fan' for her ady. LOL! Trying to get rid of me? Hehehe!

  10. May I know how old is your girl?

    I remembered I am very afraid to talk to my mom about all these "pak toh" topic.

    So I try not to be like that to my girl. Hope that she will talk to me about everything...

  11. hehehehe post about ur love story la.. i m kpc..

  12. little lamb... if i post about my teenage story..i tell u ah.. u must hv kleenex next to u lo.. mine is the black and white sad story leh..

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  14. dun worry. we're interested to hear it. ahaha.. not bad ah little lamb's suggestion. LOL.. try considering it as your post lar.. :D i think the traffic will increase :P LOL!

  15. haha.. teenage dating..
    well, since your daughter is willing to voice out to you, i guess she'll be fine.. =)

    usually "troublemakers" arent willing to share with their parents..


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