Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shame on me.....

I am writing this with a heavy heart. When I read posts from others about how they celebrated Mother's Day with their beloved mum, it left me an enormous pang of guilt in me.

Sunday came and went with me entertaining my guest instead of my own mum... I just gave her a few calls and asked her how she was, as I posted earlier, she was down with cough and sore throat. After taking medication, she does not have an appetite for anything except fluids.

Poor Mum... when she is sick, she is really down and I, as her daughter, did not visit her on Sunday! I was earlier told that my sister would be taking her out for dinner but later, my mum changed her mind and didn't want to go out because of her tasteless buds. My brother ended up buying back something soft for her.

Last night I called her again and I ended up reprimanding her instead. She didn't follow the doctor's instruction to finish all the antibiotics she was given, in fact she stopped taking them after a day.

Now I feel so bad... while she is sick and weak, I didn't go comfort her and instead I got so worked up over the medication. What a daughter I am!

I get too engrossed with my own stuff... like watching the Sudirman Cup last night and ended up calling my mum only instead of visiting her.... heartless girl!

God says, "Honour thy father and mother"

Yes, I do it this afternoon.... lunch time, evening.... and tomorrow and the day after... always....

It suddenly dawned upon me....

Mother's Day is the day we should present ourselves in her lovely home she has brought us up in, not just by eating but by fitting into her life.....


  1. hey, don't feel bad. You thought of your mom and even called her to ask how she's doing. I'm sure your mom knows what a good daughter you are :D

  2. i think pampering,calls,hugs,"I love you" is more effective than all medication combined.

    dont feel bad, i know you are one good daughter,,,

    take care my dear friend

  3. I'm sure your mom felt the love you have for her when you called to chill up claire.. It's not too late, you can pay her a visit everyday.. Better late than never as they say! So go sisterette!

  4. never mind....you have 364 days to make it up!


  5. she is better but still no appetite to eat as normal.. her throat gets dry and itchy at times.. perhaps it is due to the antibiotic that she feels weaker than normal...

  6. oooo now i hv guilt all over. i just sms my mom .. then i received 1 stakl of flower. then i ask my son to give to her...*sigh sigh sigh*

  7. It happens sometimes.... Go lah...go make mom happy k...bring some news to us k... ;-)

  8. god bless :) dont be down. Cheer up for your mummy :D

  9. =( my mom's also very sick, down with fever for more than 2 weeks di...

  10. later counter with gift, thats help alot, as i'm in the same situation as yours, some more, i didnt call, haihh, worst

  11. this post is heart-tugging....

  12. Gosh..my mom was sick too..
    dont feel bad..
    u still can go visit her..
    comfort her =)

  13. me too. i didnt greet my mother a happy mothers day...not because i forgot...but mama knows how much i love her...
    don't worry too much Miss Claire. u can patch it up:-)

  14. right folks.. some of us are mothers here.. just put ourselves in our mothers'shoes for a moment..

    i realise our mothers sure look forward to us visiting her.. anytime...

    i just did and i felt very much better..thanks again to all of u who left your encouragement...

  15. On Mother's Day what matters most is your thought of calling her. Sometimes due to some commitments, we're unable to take her out on Mother's Day - you can do that on any other day. Mother's Day is merely symbolic.

    Do not feel too bad. As humans, we make mistakes. You declared that you love your mother; that's the best present that you can give to a mother - more invaluable than any expensive gifts and treats.

    Since she's still not well, visit her daily. Remember your priority, and don't make the same mistake.

  16. *whacks head with rolled newspaper!
    Mother's Day and you did not even drop by to wish her? Forget about dinner, forget about presents...just your being there would mean so much to her. Usually old people are like that. They don;t want anything, just your being there even though they will tell you - no need, you're busy...I'm fine! You should watch this:


  17. hey. thanks for dropping by at my blog yeah! keep visiting! heh(: btws, cheer up! heh (:

  18. You're too hard on yourself. I'm sure it'll all alright once you visit her.

    So, go visit her and hug her. ;) Oh, eugene wrote that already. Ah, never mind then just leave it as it is. :D Cheers!

    P/S: BTW, stopping antibiotics midway is dangerous as it may develop antibiotic-resistant infection. Understand how you felt when you reprimand your mum. So, next time you'll just have to remind her of that. ;)

  19. Sorry, not remind but explain. I was having nightmare typing the wrong choice of word. :D

  20. claire the year i lost my Dad he died in December but the october two months before he died my husband was ill and since he is prone to getting fits i chose to stay with him and not go visit dad on his bday. Part of it was laziness the other part was concern for the hubby. dad missed me ......yeahi wished him and all but for parents nothing can compare to having their babies in theh ouse with them. I can never have that day again to make up for it ever. while they are even if it means bending yourself backwards go visit them personallly..............

  21. don't be sad... you can always greet or show your appreciation and love for your mom,EVERYDAY! =D it doesn't have to be the actual day of mother's day for US to acknowledge them... it can be EVERYDAY! so... don't feel bad... why not start to plan something soon... like a mother daughter dinner date or something?! God Bless!

  22. Hi. Hope your mom is recovering.

    My mom doesn't like medicine too. Who does?? And I seldom torture her on medicine thingy.

    Anyway, like others said... you can still celebrate mother's day on any other days. Take her out sometimes. :)

  23. Oh, don't worry. You're definitely a caring daughter. The fact that you feel guilty over not visiting her and scolding her proves that you care for her.

    Anyway, Mother's Day is just a day. You have lots of other days to show that you care for her.

    To me, everyday is Mother's Day. Why the special treatment only on one day?

  24. Don't worry. Yr mum will understand. As a parent i understand how a kid feels n always make myself small that my child will be 'big' aiya dont know how to express myself better. It is about loving and being loved. :)

    You r the first blogger I have read who hails from Perak. When I read abt food from Jelapang all the political posts I read come to mind.

  25. u already did the right thing. so no worries. sure u r a great daughter. just the thought is very precious. i'm sure ur mom understands that. some ppl dont even remember mother's day. huhu...how sad.

  26. Hey, everyday can be the mother's day, right?

    I'm sure your mom would be happy to see you, said if you visit her by tomorrow?


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