Friday, June 12, 2009

Hotspot In IPOH...

What to take for lunch? Sometimes we asked each other, where ah..where ah... then the one who drives the car will normally have to decide. But these days, the weather is so burning hot, we always desire for something cold... and what is better than ABC ice kacang... Jom.. lets go Perak Stadium food court again....

oh, for the main cost
we have this stewed yee mee

see the multi coloured? scared or not?
aiyah.. wallop first ...
think later...
so hot weather
we r going to melt soon...


  1. Ooh, the colourful ice kacang looks so scary! I won't dare to eat : )

  2. wack whatever is there to cool the heat man... wah.. nice nice right.. :)

  3. very colorful! i have tag for u just click my name

  4. yeah..looks scary hor? dont know how much chemical used...

    cynthia, hot weather make me "disillusinized" already.. not good also wallop...

    Merlyn..thanks for your tag...

  5. haha perak stadium foodcourt.. nice =)

  6. ipoh very hot now? lol

  7. yes, kenwooi.. nowadays go out with an umbrella or a hat.. hahaa... i guess no more ozone layer or something like that?

  8. The mee's not too bad, but the ABC or XYZ is ....too colourful to be swallowed.... yuck! I wonder if they use permitted colourings.

  9. that will hv to wait for the FDA to come... is it FDA?

  10. OMG! I long for ice kacang! I thnk d ice kacang looked delish! I'l eat them! hehe

  11. Ice kacang on a plate? Very colorful. But I think due to the hot weather, I will don't care about the coloring and eat first. Lol

  12. For me, I like the colourful ice kacang. Looked so nice and attempting.

  13. yeah...but too colourful also very skeptical la... hahaha...


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