Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our Pets, Jingle Bell And Labby

In these 7 months, I have two dogs... but one, as I mentioned in my posts earlier this year, he has gone missing in early February. His name is Jingle Bell, cute name for a cute daschund ... till today I still think of him because he is a very smart dog eventhough he is only a year old when I took him home.

Then in April, I took Labby home. She was four months old then and now, she is 7-8 months old. But her size? I can say she looks very matured for a 8 month old puppy, as you can see from the picture here and in my earlier post.

Labby is a friendly doggie... she does not bark at people.... in fact she wags her tail vigorously when she sees people visiting us. How to "jaga" house like that? How to teach her to be more fierce? Other than scratching me, she loves to eat anything.... hahaha... she eats like she hasn't eaten for months! The way she gulps down the food without tasting reminds me of Scamper in Enid Blyton.

So.... anyone here can tell me how to teach Labby to bark at strangers?

Thanks Gab for taking these wonderful pics of Labby....


  1. she doesn't bark at strangers?
    taht's weird.

    she's lady.

  2. yeah..only barks when hungry..cos she is always hungering for food no matter how much she eats...

  3. alamak, dunno how :) ya that's weird .. how come she didnt bark at strangers??

  4. she is just too friendly..welcoming anyone who comes by to play with her.. labradors are friendly dogs, i heard..

  5. she still young la.. another alternative is you lock her up for a while at the back where she don't see human.. come out she will start to bark at "EVERYBODY"!

  6. hmm... not barking at strangers? that's strange... :-) hhehehe... but I guess it's too early, since your dog is less than a year old.

    but that's once cute dog!!!

    My Tech Blog...O_o
    Things I got from the Net!!!

  7. Your Labby reminds me of my dog named PB Girl. She went missing one day and nowhere to be found. PB barked to stranger but yet she been 'kidnapped'.

    This may be a silly idea...teach Labby to understand Hokkien language and those who don't speak Hokkien..hahahaha! will sure get a bite from Labby...hahahhahah! Just joking. My Hokkien also tunggang bite from Labby????...ekekekke (waittt...u speaks Hokkien alright, Claire?)

  8. hey I can't differentiate which one is Jingle Bell and Labby wo, both are look the same to me! hehehe

  9. Labs are the friendliest dogs on earth I think! Their eyes are sooo warm! I want a dog too!!!!

    (so envious) :)

  10. Some dogs bark at everyone including their owner.. some dogs don't bark at anyone at all. some dogs bark and strangers that seems dagnerous to them. It is mind of their own I guess haha :P. Unless we have trained them since young to bark at unknown people.

  11. not sure why she doesnt bark..maybe still young? 8months? but heard some puppies very clever to bark at strangers even at young age. Labby is indeed friendly... must take in another dog to teach her, i guess..haha..

    Amy, jingle bell is the small doggie.... labby is the bigger dog.. so much difference la.

    mauve ocean, i dont speak hokkien so but labby can understand a few dialects, english, malay and hakka.. hahhaaa... believe it or not.. but she doesnt understand the word "Bark"

  12. she's beautiful :D Labs are very friendly by nature so they seldom bark at strangers I think. Plus she's in a good home with lots of tender loving care so she must be thinking that everyone is just like her owners ;)

  13. what a nice thing to say , Barbara.. thank you. i think she lack tender loving care so much that she wants to make frens with anybody..anyone.. everyone... hahaa.. but L is really a friendly dog..

  14. Aww...Labby has such nice round warm eyes!

  15. haih.. bark for wat? I love mute dogs... like a soft toy but with a heart :)


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