Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Playing With Photofunia

Last Night after sending my girl to tuition, sitting alone in front of the pc, watching youtubes and nothing better to do, I played with this Photofunia again... it is fun... lol... putting our photos there and becoming one of these below...

Well, for those who are still feeling down and out and nothing much to do at home or office .. meanwhile, you can have fun playing with this ... it might cheer u up a bit... put your mind off the bad news last week...


  1. Cool...=)

    I love the 2nd photo...the color blends are awesome..=)

  2. thanks Zara.. there were few more which i have done .. later i will upload them here... at the moment, my pc is having some problem uploading..

  3. hehe! a good way out of boredom :) personally, I'v nvr tried ths..mayb I shd hor?

  4. hahah.. just like that day I tried doing the mag cover lor.. so bored nothing to do... :p

  5. yeah, girls.. sometimes when we want to relax our minds on the pc, just go to some fascinating websites and have some fun..

  6. I've never try this before la... must try n c!

  7. after awhile, will get bored too.. hahaa... there is another website.. madmag..something like that, another new site to fool around with our pics..

  8. So that's where they got those kind of picture... Photofunia!!!

    Nice it really cool.. ;)

    I like the 3pictures with different shadings..:)

    Thanks for sharing

    Things I got from the Net!!!

  9. haha nice..
    can really do it with photshop..
    but photofunia is simpler.. =)


  10. yes, teknisyan... photofunia.. actually i did a few more.. boring at home and in office at times.. pls dont tell my bossie..sshhshh..

    kenwooi, photoshop, auntie here tak tau buat... i heard we can do our banner in photoshop too, right?

  11. OIC. I'll try that when i'm free. Cool!

  12. never try before photofunia, ok will give myself a try to "kacau-kacau" photofunia and see...thanks for sharing Claire.


Thank you, readers!

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