Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Any Car For Sale?

Wanted to ask... anyone has a iswara aeroback or saga for sale? I wanted to get a not-too-expensive car, say around RM5-7K... for my son. Preferably in Ipoh or Penang so that we can deal directly without going to the second car dealers. My son needs a car now since he is staying out of the hostel, just to move around conveniently within that vicinity is good enough. So... if anyone of u want to change your old car for a new one, please think of me here? Thanks...


  1. Omg, you have such a big son! And you dont look like one to me.

    P/S you look young to me!

  2. haha.. photos do mislead, sunflower.. wait till u see me in real..


Thank you, readers!

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