Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Simple Summer Recipes Are Here!

Both my sons are coming home this weekend, it has been nearly a month since I last saw them. When I chatted with Andy, my second son last night, he made a “small” request, he said, “Mum, can you please prepare some home-cooked food instead of going out to have our meals?” Oh gosh, surely I would have to say yes, pity them, they have to eat out three times per day. So… what shall I prepare for them this weekend? Just the four of us, my three kids and I…

Thank goodness I came across this website this morning while I was surfing on the Internet. Have you heard of Ariane Duarte before? Well, she is the Top Chef Contestant teaming up with and being a working mother, juggling between work and housework is not an easy task. Here in videos, her easy and inexpensive summer dishes were shown. They looked so simple and yet so special, just nice for a family of four. I just watched the video on how to cook the T-bone steak with garlic lime butter, it was really fantastic all the way. In a matter of minutes, dinner was served with ice cream cake as a dessert! Looks "yummy" and delicious too! Sounds great,yeah? Well, You Can See More Life Made Easy Videos Here. All these videos are from and sponsored by Walmart. Besides recipes, offers useful information on women’s health, wellness, and beauty site as well.

So you see, all these recipes and easy cooking videos are useful for me. I will continue watching the videos and choose some simple recipes. I am sure my kids will be most surprised to see their special meals this weekend! Happy Cooking to all of you too!



  1. wow it's great, your children will really love it.

    Happy cooking!

  2. hope so.. they request for home cooked i hope not to disappoint them.. long time never cook ma.. hahaa..

  3. I'm sure they want what you always used to cook for them at home...not those strange recipes. Kids often missed what they always ate at home once they've gone for further studies...

  4. if i can do western, sure they love it too..but too bad, i tak tahu ..sometimes the ingredients susah nak dapat di sini...


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