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Dumb And Dumber...

Son called up from KL, calling to buy bus ticket when he goes back on Monday... both of us have forgotten about the long weekend ahead, taking for granted there would be tickets.. but no, our regular bus we take, tickets all sold out on Monday, called up the KTM (train), also sold out. SOS to Andy, he drove all the way to Medan Gopeng and managed to get a Plusliner ticket... phew...

Talking about bus tickets over dinner with Andy just now, I remember one embarrassing incident that took place when I was going to take a bus to KL from Medan Gopeng. Ticket was 2.30pm, I reached the bus station around 2pm, checked with the counter and she wrote the bus number behind the ticket. Then I waited for the bus to come...waited and waited...

Bus arrived, driver came down... I saw bus company "tally" with my ticket and also a sign showing "Kuala Lumpur." Taking for granted it was the right bus, I went up to sit, me first passenger, took out my newspaper and read... after fifteen minutes or so, "eh, why so quiet one, why no passengers boarded the bus?" Then suddenly one driver came up to clean up his stuff, saw me and asked, "eh...apa buat sini? bus ini tak jalan la..." (what r u doing here, this bus is not moving."

OH GOSH!!! How embarrassed I was... aahhhh... quickly grabbed my bag and ran to the counter, wanted to scold the girl for wrong info.....before I could, she said, "haiyah, just now already announced the number, why u never follow number?" I asked her to explain why different company bus, she said it was a norm, if not enough passengers, they compiled two different bus companies into one... ( that ah????)

Asked me to wait another hour for another bus... No way I wanted to wait anymore... I went to buy from another bus company..... silly me, paying double for a single trip! How dumb can I get!


  1. ya, sometimes we tend to be girl said we must be alert o..

  2. Wenn, i did a lot of dumb things already.. when i can recall, i will now blog it down ..

  3. THAT happens ALOT!!!! During my college days!!!!! now.. I dont think I know how the bus system works anymore. So long tak naik bus!

  4. That was sure one bleep, bloop and blunder...

    Be alert next time,you know, otherwise you will mix me up with sutaupui,,lol.

    may be you have been blogging too much,but i guess you will one day be famous for your daily posting.

    seriously i have not seen anyone blogs as frequent as you do, i guess by now,you should have trained your mind to be very aleart already.

    take care ya

  5. Merryn: now i m very alert when it comes to taking bus.. each bus that comes in, see number again and again..

    Eugene: that incident happened few years ago la.. not blogging yet that time.. now since blogging, i m more alert.. i surely wont mistaken u for STP...
    .. eh, eh... see who's talking..and who is blogging regularly too.. and with many fansss as well.. EUGENE IS HIS NAME! :))

    CathJ, no laughing please... hhehehe..

  6. if me hio Claire, I think I will really wait for another hour lo, cos I tak sanggup to pay another sum for the bus ticket leh.

  7. Amy: i didnt wait cos it was quite late already and my appointment would be disrupted.. sigh...what to do... not alert enough ma...

  8. hehhe.... anyway, can be very
    'difficult' if u seldom take bus.

  9. i takut to take bus, the bus driver look very fierce one

  10. Chris: yes, no choice then.. so have to take...

    My Reality: i think their geram faces are due to overworking at odd hours.. right?

  11. Eh why not wait for another hour? Instead you let them untung only?

  12. Claire, this is just a quick visit...i am so sleepy back tomorrow okay ...

    just to let you know, i visited all your blogs

  13. Ladyviral: I had an important appointment on that day, unfortunately and it was getting late.. i dint want to sit there like a dunggu again after the earlier episode.. so frustrated already then.. just want to go off fast..

    Amy, good nite.. :)

  14. Aiyo, luckily bus ticket not so expensive leh.... can buy another one. Ha ha ha

  15. So hard to buy bus tickets kah? I thought here everybody drives - the highways so nice, so many lanes, so smooth...not like the ones in Sarawak. Can drive to KL, send your son back lah...and 31st, I will still be there, so we can get to meet somewhere....

  16. Pete: that was what i did.. get the agony of waiting over with.. :0

    STP: still here on the 31st? so when r u flying off? i be in penang on 29-30th then son going back to KL on 31st... so your trip hasnt end in penang yet la...

  17. LOL!!! I haven't experience that yet!! Hopefully won't have to.. :P

  18. ipoh and penang not far just a few hours drive . so if u cant get the bus ticket . just drive up there

  19. This reminds me of also a funny incident I had few years back as I was boarding a bus from Bangkok to Hatyai. I went on the bus, sat down and then this lady comes up and says that I have taken her seat. Upon checking, the ticket is actually for tomorrow! So embarassing! Haha. Quickly left the bus. :)

  20. actually, i don't think you made a mistake. who is to know that the bus companies will "code share" when there are few passengers?

    since you were desparate to make the appointment, paying for another ticket doesn't sound dumb. (wasteful maybe!)

  21. Who plays the Cop from the movie Dumb and Dumber?


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