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Again And Again...

Though my house do not have any small young kids or toddlers, nevertheless, I still cook like I have them in the house. Maybe I am used to cooking this dish when my kids were young many years ago. Till today, I only know a selective dishes only, not like Pete, he puts me to shame in cooking .. hahhaaa... he is such a good cook... I really have to learn from him and many of my food bloggers here....

Salvaged my fridge and found two potatoes only, so instead of slicing them, this time i cut into small cubes, to make it look plentiful ... lol..... then I minced up the meat and add in 2 tomatoes as well. Well, little little bit added in, it became a dish, enough for me and my girl...

from young, my kids love this dish till today...
Andy used to remind me to put more "chap"
make it more watery so that he can "loe" his rice
(at times he drank it too!)

no need to add any oyster sauce..
just add a bit of sugar and some light sauce..

my girl loves cabbage & crabsticks...

Again and again, these dishes are the only ones I cook :)


  1. I bet you're a good cook,Claire!!Your girl is lucky to have a good cook in you!!It is deliciously done--looks yummy for me!!^_^

  2. Clarissa: thanks for coming by and complimenting me on a simple dish.. hahaha.. if my girl knows other mummy bloggers, she will have plenty to say about me.. fortunately she doesnt.. as yet..

  3. "hou yeh em sai tou" - good things no need to be many.. as long as those we love enjoys it.. muahaha...

  4. look yummy enough to me. i love potatoes. at least u have a signature dish that ur kids can remember. haha.

  5. cynthia, one and only one, always potatoes only.. geng ah? paiseh.. hahaha.. ok, next time i try to show off others.... only when i learn up!

    Tiee: yeah, this is my signature dish..haha.. malu-ing.. :)

  6. The Potato dish sure sedap!!! I love to dice the potato too.. Will cook fast... ;-p

  7. The dishes looks familiar...must be my beloved Aunt, your mum, taught you. I miss her dish leh..

  8. claire, honestly speaking? those dishes looks good! i bet ethan will love to have those.. me too! I love 'chap' for my rice..

    but dun lah eat everyday! hahahaha..

  9. Cath J, u r right..cook fast and looks more too :)

    ChrisAu: miss my mum's cooking leh.. nasib baik she passed down some recipes to me..haha..

    Wenn, very simple.. long as my kids like..

  10. Merryn, ok, next time u bring ethan to my house, i belanja u this dish la.. on one condition, u belanja me outside food.. ok? deal?

  11. Hi Claire, thks for the compliments, paiseh, paiseh. I think you are a good cook too. Sometimes a simple dish do taste better than complicated ones. I never thought of cooking potato this way, it looks yummy, I will try to cook it for my kids.

  12. This is 'comfort food' right ? Just so nice with warm rice on a nights in with yr girl..

  13. Hi Reana, you're the kind of lady any man would love bring home show his mummy.
    And any mummy would love you as a daughter in law, ha ha.
    Love your cooking. Lee.

  14. You better than me! Because until now i still don't know how to cook. *Shame on me* =(

  15. I believe these dishes are good enough for your kids already. :) By the way it does look yummy!

    I wanna makan too. :)

  16. Pete: if u were paiseh, i have nowhere to stand already...hahhaa...

    Elaine: as the saying goes, home cooked food is always cooked with passion.. :) one dish also sudah lah!

    U.Lee: me still qualified? going to retire soon... dont want to frighten any MIL la.. she faints terus!

    Aeiween: not to sorry, girl, u will know few dishes sooner or later.. like me! hahha..

    Tekkaus: coming from u, thanks a lot! ok, now i go for my breakfast...

  17. simple dish, but it do look yummylicious to me.

  18. Ooh... yummy yummy! U made me miss my mom's cooking too. Wish I'm still staying with her.... :)

  19. annieQ, thank u... me old mum still learning.. :)

    Cheeyee, i wish i learn more from my mum.. as it is, i m the one who is a lazy mum.. sigh..

  20. No matter how nice the food outside, at the end of the day one will yearn for the home-cooked food that one has grown up eating... It is because there is one special ingredient - LOVE!

  21. So happy to have your kids appreciate your cooking so much... well done, mama! :-D

  22. simple is good. i m just too lazy to cook. dont know why..seems to lazy, no energy nowadays :(

  23. cant blame you lah, you work, you blog, you sleep,you blog,you eat, you blog,you dream,you blog, you breathe,you blog, so i guess you cook, you blog,,, so the result will always be blog cooking,, or cooking blog,hahahaha

    have a great weekend

  24. The other day, my ahma used potatoes and minced meat to make a dish too.. try it and see.

    1. she steamed the potatoes until soft first
    2. the minced meat digorengkan till golden brown
    3. mash the soft potatoes and mix with the golden minced meat
    4. make balls and slow fry them, press them like hash browns.

    serve! ok wor. not bad. pat fong see ha!

  25. hehe... i bet the potato dish mesti sedap. I'll give a try one of these day...

  26. STP: I bet u do that many times.. cooking with passion and love for your family!

    BoeyJoey, most mothers or fathers love to cook for their kids, eventhough it might not be nice, but trials and error make perfect.. right? :)

    Rachel: I can shake hands with u, i m lazy too, frankly speaking, u will realize that these are some simple dishes i can do only... hahhaa..

    Eugene!! u know i know sudah lah! why have to announce to the whole wide world??? apa la.. ok ok, i know i need to belanja u one day... to keep u from bocor-ing my rahsia-s. sigh...

    Gargles: that is... er... er... apa panggil already... fried patties? correct me if i m wrong, never did that before, only minced meat with eggs, i got do before.. thanks for yr mama's recipe! :)

    MamaMia: yeah, u try.. lagi sedap.. me ching ching chai chai do one.. hahaa..

  27. What matters is that the kids love ur cooking.

  28. yes, u r very right, Slavemom, that is all matters...


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