Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all of you!

This evening I did not cook, just me and my girl... We went to my mama's place for dinner. She prepared a few simple dishes... though the dishes were very simple, I enjoyed being there to eat with her. It is not often nowadays that we had dinner together in her house... most times, either I cook in my own home or we eat outside food, my girl and I.

During earlier days, my mum used to cook abundantly and the dishes were superb! But now as her eyes are giving her problem, she cook less and simpler dishes... Nevertheless, I am very happy and grateful that I still have a mum to go home to... a mum who is always happy and welcoming... a mum who looks forward to our visiting her each day....

stewed duck with young ginger...
I love the way my mum cooks this...
simply SUPERB!!
pickled cucumber with some chicken meat..
steamed kampung chicken is a Must...of course soup too..
that slab of meat goes to Labby later on...
the display of dishes...

(My In-Law's dishes are in Lets Wallop!)


  1. Oh my, what sumptuous dining table full of savory food,. Am drooling now claire lol!

    Nostalgic Marveling
    Etcetera Etcetera
    Spice up your LIFE!
    Obstacles & Glories

  2. typical dishes! =)
    happy mid-autumn festival too!

  3. chubs.. simple dishes only.. hahaa.. thanks for coming by..

    Ken: yeah.. typical chinese dishes.. how about yrs?

    Sailor: have u had yr dinner yet? ok, will go over yr blog now..

  4. many dishes! for how many people?

  5. Gab: many? last time double.. hahaa.. now lesser but still sufficient.. around 10 of us.. more than enough..

    Agnes: yes, i agree fully with that!

  6. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... soooo much food.... I want to join... hahahahahah

  7. well..i didn't work..husband just bought siew york and siew kai..delicious..

  8. Yeah even it is very simple dishes but still as long as is from mommy cook one then everything seem to be very GOOD & Perfect! Because no one can compare with them. I also very enjoy my mom's food.... =)

  9. Happy Mooncake Festival! You got a nice and yummy dinner as I see from all the foods on the table. Your mum really can cook!

  10. yummy....all the food that I love. Kampong chicken is so good. The texture and taste is so different. Great for curry too.

  11. It's 4:30am here when I came to your blog. Murderous mood. Why? becoz i see nice food but cannot eat. *WHINE*

  12. Wow, what a sumptious array of food. I think there is nothing better than a mother's cooking.

  13. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you, too.
    I love the food that you prepared. :)

  14. so nice ah? while u were enjoying ur dish there.. i was out eating lousy curry noodles at the hawker stall! boo hoo hoo.. :P

  15. Cath J: mari, mai.. jom, makan bersama-sama... hahhaa...

    Wenn: your love one buying back food, anything will be just as delicious :)

    Aeiween: nothing greater than mother's love ma.. hahaa.. yes, even if one or 2 dishes, it is the atmosphere ie being with our love ones that counts.., right?

    Superman: i m sure all moms can cook as well, as i said, it is the togetherness that counts.. hehe...

    Mary: yes, i love kampong chicken, a bit tougher than the normal ones and the taste is "sweeter"...

    Cleffairy: what r u doing at 4am in the morning?? hope u can sleep up and compensate back the loss ..

    Cheryl: u r very right! nothing is greater than a mum's love and cooking.. lol...

    SJB: memang sedap!

    Grace: thanks for dropping by...

    Merryn: aiyah, dont complain.. at least u r also with yr love ones when u makan ... not nice food also become sweet and delicious..

  16. What simple? So elaborate and so much... All that for only 3 people!!! So fortunate...

  17. hey STP..mana 3 persons.. around 10 of us la.. hahaa... but sufficient for us..

  18. i have to swallow my saliva with scrolling down every pics...hahaha...mooncakes pics leh?

  19. wowowoowow, i've just finished my dinner a couple hours ago, but i think i'm ready to have what's on your table!!!
    i'm so tempted to bite onto my notebook now!

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  21. Manglish: mooncakes.. no more la.. i also dont fancy much of that.. over and with..

    lululu: thanks for coming by.. hope yr notebook is still working .. hahaha...

    fanty: thanks for the info..

  22. happy mooncake festival to you and ur family!

    all the foods, you cook?

  23. It still look pretty damn delicious to me. :p Especially the chicken. Yum! Yum!

    Anyway happy belated mid autumn festival claire. :D

  24. Happy moon cake festival to you, hope you had a good time. :)

    So much food!!! If i didn't read other comments i thought this is the dishes for 3 person!! YUMMY!!
    Mummy's home cook food always is the best.

  25. Voon, not me lar.. i not pandai in cooking.. all done by my poor mum!

    Tekkaus: thanks a lot! hope u had a sumptious meal too..

    AnnieQ: so did u play with lanterns with yr kids? hahaa...

  26. Yes, food that cooked by mommy is always the best!

    I also went to to my mom's place for the mid-autumn festival dinner. And I had duck too!


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