Monday, October 19, 2009

Just Look See, Look See In Pavilion

Believe it or not... I have never been to Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur before, not until 30th September, 2009 time 8pm. That was my first time looking at Pavilion, my eyes wide and gawking... Now this is Pavilion, the latest in KL? Or is it not? I don't often go down to KL and each time I go, normally I would be taken to 1Utama or IKEA and not to Sungai Wang, Lot 10, Sogo, and now Pavilion...

Ok, so upon entering, I was amazed to see the stuff working OT (overtime) doing the pre-decorations for the coming festival Deepavali. Sorry, this is a very belated post, I snapped these pics few weeks before .. (just to let people know how busy I am.. ahem...)

Coming back to the entrance, I quickly took out my HP nokia to snap these pics.... the fountain can change colour one.... red to blue to green... (i m ah lian, yeah) ... and the rest.. ok, let the pictures tell the story... (in actual fact, I don't know what that one is called, the flowery thing at the entrance, boooo....)

my hp not bad la.. right? lol...

not DSRL but still can snap nice ...


what's this called already?
short memory.. cannot recall the name..

the designers working hard ...

must be working throughout the night ...
tedious work...

What did I buy there? Lots.. lots of stuff to buy but my printer hasn't come yet ... wait till i print some money then I will show off the expensive stuff here.. real classy stores inside... just walked pass only... dare not even go into the shopssssss....


  1. Mmm.. Not bad. This is called "1 Malaysia" but could hardly seen in Malaysia.

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  3. Name is KOLAM. Have not set foot into Pavilion now like 'sampalo'[people from the bush] stay indoors mostly. Nice snapshots don't "look small"[look down] on handphone camera they are just as good. haha

  4. I spent 3 weeks in The Pavillion last year in September when I was down to KL for training! and I was almost broke, eating at its food court. hahaha! Luckily can claim my allowance.

  5. the kolams are incredibly beautiful. those ppl are truly talented.

  6. called KOLAM and it's really beautiful, work of art. The fountain's made of crystal - liuligongfang fountain or something liddat. My girl pointed at the bowls and said big one for Papa, the other for Mama and small one for myself.. so cute.. kinda reminded me of 3 Bears & Goldilocks.
    Hey, did you go The Loaf ?

  7. believe it or not, I've NEVER been to pavillon and I'm residing in klang valley wei!!!!

    u always go 1U and Ikea.. good! coz there is where I always hang out too!!!

  8. Anonymous: all along Malaysia is a multi racial country, we were proud once... hope we can achieve back that feel one day...

    Cheah: kolam ..ok..thanks.. so many of them know except me.. hehe.. moe tai siew, yeah... never judge by its cover.. hahaa...

    Rose: i didnt eat there la... i look see only...too expensive for me.. hahaha..

    Life ramblings: indeed they r the designers...creative art..

    Life Ramblings: no, i didnt go to the Loaf la.. what is it wor? i only walked around...

    Merryn: WEI.. U SURE??? anyway, u dont miss much la.. u see one, u see all.. go mid valley also enough la..hahaa...

    Wenn: yeah.l.beautiful kolam.. yeah.. now i know..

  9. I have been but believe it or not.. what ever you see that day, was soo beautiful and I never seen that.. hehehhe...

  10. Hey Claire i same as you! i have been to Pavilion few times but so far never buy anything back to home because everything there is so expensive! >_< just can only see see and touch touch! :p

  11. CathJ: maybe locals dont find this as fascinating and gape as much as i do...

    Aeiween: so we can shake hands...

  12. When your printer arrives, let me know ya... I need to place an order with you to print $$... lou gai fong, charge cheaper ya ;-)

  13. Quite a long time never go there...

    Thank you show the photos hence i not need go there a look :)

    They are so skillful.

  14. Your camera is great, such colorful photos. What a lovely sight to behold, the changing colors. And the people making the display-wow, must be tedious but how wonderful to view it when completed.

  15. Boeyjoey: ppppssst..keep this low, ok.. very sensitive man... i let u know... loe yau kwai kwai.. hehehe..

    chVoon: if not mistaken, just opened a year ago...

    SBJ: the goods inside are even more beautiful!

    Cheryl: it is only a handphone.. 3.2 mp, sometimes it can bring out good pics and sometimes not.. i also dont know why..*scratching head*

  16. OMG! Such a lovely deco. The paintings on the floor are fabulously painted. oooooh what can I say more? Fantastic!

  17. Ditto, i prefer Ikea, 1 utama, than the Pavillio.... aint no go for branded stuff man....., been there once

  18. Those "kolam" look fantastic!

  19. ummi: needs a lot of patience and creativity....

    eugene: when do u think we can afford to buy from those shops?? :)

    anonymous: yes, colourful too!

  20. Can you print some money for me too? Only then will I dare to step into the shops as well.Hahaha.

  21. Wah claire u r much better than me ler. I'm staying in KL and I nvr been to Pavillion! Lol

  22. Wow, so many nice kolam. Missed Pavilion this round!

  23. I really admired Asian for their arts and cultures, so unique!

  24. I went pavillion too.....It's really nive art work...heheh! And tedious of course.. :p

  25. Ya...kolam! Aiyor! Me here in Sibu, hardly any Indian...and still I know what it's called. Bought your Gingko yet? Hahahahahaha!!!!

    Your hp camera good lah... Mine can't take nice pictures and definitely no night shots! These photos look better than those you usually take with your regular camera!

  26. Maybe your last para can explain why till today i still never been to Pavillion and i stay in KL!! LOL!!

    Your printing money part are so funny!!!!

  27. this place is expensive .. as what I told my kid everytime he's in the toys dept. see only ,cannot buy. LOL

  28. mumsgather: ok will keep u in view too with boeyjoey.. printer still not coming yet.. :(

    litteprince mummy: yes, beautiful at night...

    cheeyee: and i tot i am outdated.. :)

    pete: u too? never go pavilion before? or only this festive season?

    chubs: marvellous!hahaa...

    sailor: cos our country is multi racial.. that makes it interesting.

    elaine: yes, lots of staff involved...

    STP: hai la, hai la..u know better la... words seem to be disintegrating from my mind.. gingko really works ah? r u the living testimony? hehee... and to think i m younger but brain seems to be older...

    AnnieQ: tell u one thing, that was what i always tell my kids when they ask me to buy something expensive.. it works.. hahaa...

    chrisau: add in two more words, no touch too..

  29. Yeah, very expensive..but if you notice, the stores are "cheaper" when you go higher. Like on the ground floor u see stores like Gucci, then first flr maybe Coach and you see Times bookstore, starbucks (the more affordable brands) when you go higher up!

  30. it's ok. there must be many people who may be intimidated just by the name Pavilion. like me.

    & for good reasons, too - traffic jam, difficult/expensive parking & designer prices.

    good for just a look see.

  31. celine: i didnt go up la.. i went to the ground floor...then to the basement to look see the food stalls.. but never touch anything.. hehehe....

    doc: so it is not surprising that locals never visit pavilion yet ... yes, to think of the traffic jam and parking can put one off it...

  32. ya..ya! Pavillion is selling those expensive stuffs..and the last time i went there was last month..not buying anything...just companying my SIL shopping..can't afford lah..

  33. oh i have not been to pavillion for so long. haven't seen that nice flower bowl fountain before. hey, it's great that you managed to capture the ppl working together to create the kolam. ok...can you tell me where to find that printer of yours? i want to get one too...hahahahhahaha

  34. Nice fountain bowl. I've been to Pavilion once and serious, the things there are EXPENSIVE! But the food court food not too bad. Can consider the fried oyster.

  35. Guess what Claire? Like MJ said, "You are not alone!" Ha :D

    I haven't been to Pavillion too you know. I'm so lousy. :D

  36. But I will soon. I can sense it. :p

    War...Kolam....down the stairs? Yeah! It must have taken them a long time. :p

  37. Wow.. it's really2 Deepavali..never been there... one day I can reach there.. hehee

  38. these are the painting and the water falls.....nice!

    how are you Ms.Claire...been a long time...glad to hear from you...hope all is well....

    thanks for coming by on my page...t'was a pleasure!

  39. KMama: hey.. seems we bloggers here didnt spend much in pavilion huh? or nothing at all? pavilion should read this and cut down their prices to attract some of us.. heheeeee....

    Barb: so it seems i am "quite" IN here.. i tot those of u staying in KL will laugh at me for not having step in there before.... Printer? my gosh, seems many are interested.. i better hurry up with the production.. hahhaaaaa..

    mNhL: consider the fried oyster? how much that can be? i walked one round and couldnt find my choice.. ie. my choice of price... :)

    Tekkaus: welcome to the club.. U r memang not alone... ok u go and snap more pics back.. maybe christmas atmosphere..

    c.Alv.B: like i said, maybe u can reach for christmas.. just in time to see them do deco for christmas.. hahaa...

    dhemz: hey, thanks for returning visit.. yes, u take care too...

    tiee: beautiful.. how have u been?

  40. hi claire, thanks a lot for dropping by at my site. how are you, too?

    by the way, love the pics you captured. The paintings were awesome!

  41. hi Cookie, great.. tired but feeling fine.. do visit more often.. i will do the same.. thanks..

  42. Great photos. I also seldom go there though I stay in KL. Terrified of the trafic jam

  43. Pavilion being open for so long... I never step foot in there yet :P.

  44. smallkucing: i guess that is the main reason why most of the locals never go there.. unless take monorail or lrt?

    Ladyviral: hehee.. u too? join in the club here..


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