Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Before And After JJ

Maybe some of you would know by now that this JJ cakes are worth buying ... I didn't know anything about this shop hidden in D'Mouth restaurant until a blogger by the name of Raynebow told me that the cakes here are famous. She all the way from KL knows this shop in IPOH while me being local, din't know anything before this. How malu-ing!

Anyway, it doesn't matter, many of the mama-s here are good cooks, in fact they can bake very well, who needs this JJ cake shop, right? For people like me who doesn't know much about baking, then join me here... let me share what I have bought the other day, for the second time in history...

this is the counter JJ cakes...

i bought this assorted flavors
4 in a box cost RM15




conclusion: I am not polishing shoe here
Before tasting Elin's cakes, JJ cakes were fabulous!
BUT after I tasted Elin's cakes...
er...u know the answer, right?

(I have been spoilt, definitely!)


  1. Wow my fav kind of cake.. nxt time I visit Ipoh must go and buy heheheh

  2. cathJ & SJB: hi dua beradik.. next time come to ipoh and eat , eat all you want..and buy back..hahaha...

  3. Gosh! They look so delicious! Mouth watering...

  4. Looks so colourful. Must have added lots of colouring aye. :p

    At first I thought JJ was Jaya Jusco. Ha :D

  5. foongpc: first and second time i ate that, it was yummy.. but i dont think i buy that anymore..

    tekkaus: whatever pun got coloring one.. but this swiss roll is different from the ones we buy from the normal cake shop.. yeah, at first i tot too, JJ.. i dont know what it stands for actually..

  6. Usually homemades are better because they put in more ingredients in them and better quality ones. :)

    Can't compare to those who have went commercialized.

  7. wow i didn't know you can buy assorted flavors at JJ. Next time i'll keep a lookout. your friend Elin selling the cakes she bakes?

  8. LV: yes, cannot compare.. we cannot ask them to cut down the sugar or add in this and this.. :)

    Barb: i dont think she is ready to go commercial yet.. paiseh, she said.. haha..but next time when she retires in a few years time, then she might but not now....


Thank you, readers!

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