Monday, December 14, 2009

Who Are These Guys...

From KL... let me go to the men....

His blog has many many comments, can reach up till 90 ... geng
He loves traveling, lately to china and kenyir..
He said he was looking for a partner (for traveling purposes only, right?)
And lately he has written a poem about his bloggers, though my name was not mentioned... hmmpt.....
His name is F....

Now this yellow man is called V
He loves to eat and like me, always worrying about getting fat..
Lately he has a son called D
And he loves his job very much... connecting people...


  1. the first one is foongpc..
    that's all i know.. =.="

  2. foong and someone i dont know hahaha

  3. for sure foongpc has been to China and Kenyir..

  4. I know i know i know the answer :p

    F= Foongpc.
    V= Vialentino
    D= Dylan

    It's that correct? :p

  5. This one sup sup sui lah..

    1) Foong PC, i wish he could buy me a souvenier from his every trip hahahah.

    2)Vialantino,always talke about makan, makan and more makan one lah,just came back from a trip from Krabi, his son is Dylan, i think only 2 months old,,hahah

    me, smart lah, right?

  6. hehehe i come late... all food eaten :( hahhaa

  7. Oh oh just cannot remember his name & face (aiya no face lah) but can only remember his cute lovely panda avatar and "TOE" as he played rough during rafting..haha. and for the next answer "ditto""ditto".

  8. too easy lah claire.. one look oso i know who they are ody! :D TZ gave the answer dy...

  9. Your poems are hard for me haha! Though somehow they catch me somewhat... but I lose them after :P.

    How is the trip in Japan doing? Hope you are having fun.

  10. I dono them. =.= looks like I fail your teka teki lah!

    Oihhh.... you got see Doraemon anot? LOL...

  11. is dylan same age with ree anb n d father is vialentino ...... Where is my gift ..... Haha

  12. Wow! You mentioned about me and I also don't know until now! You see? You see? You post everyday, how you expect me to catch up? Grrrrr...

  13. eugene, I will try to get you a souvenir next time : )

    And reanaclaire, you will be mentioned in my Tribute To My Blogger Friends Part 2! Watch out!!! Hehe

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