Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Meat-less Meal For Me...

After some agonizing days of pain here and there, I thought of taking organic or go vegetarian for good... no, don't be so alarmed yet... I am thinking only but definitely not the vow-vegetarian type, not the must-take vegetarian...

What I am having in mind is less meat and eat more vegetables instead, no more fried chicken, pork chop or something that is meat, meaty and more meat.

This is the time to change my eating habits, eat more organic vege instead. How does that sound? Lousy, right? Well, lets wait and see whether I can keep my word or not...

So for this post, no meat, see? All flour and totally vegetarian... indian breakfast...

masala tosai
there is something special inside...

see? potatoes inside... nice...

apom indian style...
i din't take it with coconut milk...

ahhh... i like this
vade in creamy yogurt...
healthy leh...

capati... oil-less almost..

these of course not so healthy la..
the brown one is called voji...? boji?
sorry, I forgot the exact name, anyone can help?
and two vade-s

and lastly...
a cheerful smile from the roti canai chef....


  1. more veggies is good ah. I was practically a carnivore when i stayed with my parents. The only green veggy that I take is just lettuce back then. I don't like veggies wan, cuz taste bitter!

    You know... i respect those people who swore off to eat meat. But sometimes, these kind of ppl too HOLEY that they goes to the extreme in promoting 'that way of life'. Beh tahan!

  2. cleffairy, eating vege is holey? i think i eat less meat la.. if no meat, also cannot.. eat less meat but more vege.. if possible, organic one but i wonder whether they r really organic or not...

  3. just less meat, not no meat i think, for people like us, at least for a start. ;P

    i cannot do without meat. will die of hunger. but am adjusting too. must be more healthy so cutting down too oily stuffs.
    oily still take. :P

  4. yea yogurts are healthy

    A smile from SJ =)

  5. Well... paiseh... it's supposed to be HOLY... lol... spell wrongly. Cuz they swear not to touch meat ma... den like very pure liddat.

    But for me, I can never do without meat. Have to take some ahhh... if not whole body will feel like no energy. =P

    ps: I'll try to make my fonts bigger... wait awhile.. I go figure out how. =.=dono how to change fonts size in wordpress... LMAO

  6. I change the fonts liao... hope big enuff ahhh.... LOL... =D

    Btw, Claire... u got twitter anot?

  7. tuti: deep fried stuff are crispy and nice, esp when u bite, the krak krak sound makes it more yummy.. but it is so so "sinful" hahha... unhealthy.. when i eat that, next day sure got pimple one..

    SJ: indeed it is healthy...

    Cleffairy: wah..u really go change font bec of this old "mama" here? ok ok, i check it out now..

    elin: no problem.. so cheap cheap also...

    cleffairy... got.. but seldom use.. my nick is reanact...

  8. Actually horr... I oso sakit mata wan... lol... but I dono how to change the fonts. LMAO... today hubby at home, so ask him how lorr... wakakakaka!

  9. Hmm, vegies are good too no fats.Good for the health. But I guess you are going to miss eating meat hehe.
    I like both meat and vegies. I get hungry when I read your post :)

    Happy Sunday to you claire.

  10. Hi Claire

    A healthy meal doesn't mean you must be a vegetarian for a few months. Reduce red meat intake, so take more fish, more green and red vegetables. Of course, Indian food like tosai and dhall are good for health too.

    In short, eat a normal meal. :)

  11. You know... this entry makes me hungry ahh... the more I come back here, the more I feel like going to mamak. Whahahaha... and I just make my hubby promise me to teman me to go tapao at mamak later! Woots! lemme see... see menu over here den go order over there...

    What shud i have ahh? Roti canai? Chapati? Roti tissue? Hmmmmmm!

  12. aiyoh...u really got discipline without the kuah...where got nice ler...must dip with kari kambing ler!

  13. I guess it's easier to go meatless if there's vegetarian indian food full of flavour. YuM!

    Have a great week ahead! ^_^

  14. The chef got partime work as Darlie model ar? :p

  15. Then the place you'll be heading to on the 10th will definitely be healthy for you. Few days there and you'll be complaining your tastebud so dull dy I guarantee you :) Go slow on their teppanyaki though.. :P

  16. not just healthy meals but balanced important..

  17. Sounds as if you are on the right track to eating more healthy. I have also tried to eat less meat, eat more fish and chicken as well as vegetables. Good luck with your new "menu"!

  18. I also want to eat less meat but very tough.......hahaha!

  19. Good luck with your new way of eating.

  20. eat more salads.....good for you...hahahaha i love capati...

  21. hehehe... nice breakfast there.. it's ok for a few pieces of meat de la, just not all meat but no veg.. :D Take care..

  22. i dont think its healthy wor cos the OIL they use..........

  23. Don't be deceived by vegetarian shops, I don't see healthy cooking and in fact more fattening but wvege can be healthy they way you want it. Some veges are nice, steamed, just like cauliflowers, brocolli, french beans, ladies fingers. I guess we need to eat healthily to live healthily.

  24. good to eat more vege and better if you cook them yourself. yeah..i agree with Elaine. Vegetarian shops are pretty unhealthy as they use loads of oil to cook the food.

  25. good to eat vegetarian but those u consumed are still fat. Go for chinese vegetarian instead with less oil

  26. cleffairy: take yr time, i can always put my face nearer to the pc..hehehee..

    wengs: so far, so good.. this morning ate a bit of meat already.. i think cannot resist long..

    kev: thanks. will eat a balanced meal with more vege than meat..

    cleffairy: anything but roti canai..that is real fattening la.. but for your size, boleh la.. u look slim!

    via: eh, can dip dip into the ikan curry.. but of course no ikan one la. just the liquid..

  27. gratitude: hey, not just indian food, i think i will try to eat more vege than meat, i love fish anyway..

    smallkucing: all u see was his teeth?? tsk..tsk.. hahahhaa.. i purposely put him there, handsem hor?

    merryn: thanks for the tips, i dont like sushi actually, gues i can reduce some weight, hor? hahaha.. just wait and see, i come back small size like u!

    wenn: yes, homecooked food is more healthy, we can choose what we like..

    cheryl: hope my determination will not sway away..hahaha..

    sjb: handsome too! hahaha..

    rose: beginning will be tough, but do take a bit la.. if not a lot!

    patty: hope i can achieve it!

    manglish: i dont like salads but dont mind eating boiled vege..

  28. cynthia: right, less meat only.. not the big big chunks one, i see also scared nowadays...

    elaine: yes, u r right there, they use lots of oil to fry the stuff, i prefer those boiled ones, i think i do myself during the evenings, boiled cauliflowers, brocolli.. sawi.. siew pak choy...

    barb: like i said, do ownself better.. but u know what? this morning i ate wan tan hor already.. so delicous but i dint eat the chunks of meat..

    chrisau: chinese dishes also lots of oil.. broiled one better.. yo, at my age, kena take care liow..

  29. The food looks so delicious, healthy and satisfying!

    Hungry already .... :P

  30. I shall soon follow your food steps,cos you are my sifu,, so my next shall change as well, you may start calling me Eugene Vegan Ung,, sounds good, doenst it?

    have a great week ahead

  31. Funny how my daughter and I ate more or less the same things...and I also posted on it today!!! We must have been twins in our previous lives. Hahahahahaha!!!!

    Here, very few Indians so we only have ONE shop selling - or at least, that's the only one that I know of. Dunno the names of all those dips that come with the thosai, chapatti...

  32. joanna: next time ask yr mama to take u there.. she is also very health conscious, sort of influence yours truly here too! :p

    Eugene: makes me feel so old calling me that.. why not call me si mui.. we go find another sifu la..

    stp: i was thinking.. ehhh... how come stp posted the same category one.. hahaha.. such coincidence, so far and yet we think of the same subject.. is it that wise people (men) think alike?

  33. healthy...but won't feel hungry after that? hehe...

  34. gab..that one was for breakfast only.. lunch sure got one.. :)

  35. don't totally cut off meat, afterall we still need the vitamins given by the meats that vege don't provide.

    exercising, drinking more water, eating more fruits and vege should keep you at a balanced diet :).

  36. I had roti canai cheese last nite. Oily, crunchy and gooey. Thank God I almost never get pimples after giving birth to my son. I suppose those hormones rocks my world! LOL...neway, my husband was wondering why suddenly wanna eat roti canai... so I pointed here... Mama Claire punya pasal! LMAO!

  37. Dont you wanna try acupuncture? I did before when I have back and neck pain. Effective...hope u r ok by now dear...

  38. hey claire, this "handsome" sure happy u snap his photo huh!

  39. hey claire, u indirectly help him advertised, u ada dapat discount boh for all those dishes? hehehehe

  40. You have DONE it I am hungry.

    Here in SA we are in the summer so it is easy to switch to salads and healtier food.

  41. LV, not to cut off, i think eat less is better, i agree... i will not be those "vow to eat vege" type one.. cos i know i m the wai sik type.. hehee...

    Cleffairy: this mama is going to torture u with siam food tonight.. lure u to IPOH.. this time i might get a big scolding from your man.. hahaha...

    Ummi: no la. not acupunture please, i takut takut la.. now better cos of the doc's prescription..

    Amy: too bad he is not the boss la.. just an employee but his smile, i like leh.. if i were an advertiser, i sure look for him.. :p

    Lynette: i only love salad when i eat with chicken chop or something fried.. good for health, no doubt.

  42. Namaste! Oh love Indian food, especially toosai. Yummy. Nundri.

  43. hahaha, same topic as Air long never eat it liao..maybe we eat it this week..coz im Penang....

  44. cheah: come ipoh..i take u there.. hahaa...

    mandy: yeah, same topic, i told him.. wise men think alike but i m not a man definitely.. :)
    so u will be penang.. too bad.. i just came back last week..

  45. Siam one he nonid to takut... cuz I rock at cooking siam food. LOL... Tomyam? No problem! Mango salad? Nasi goreng pattaya? Green curry? Lagi no problem. Fuiyohhh! (so perasan!) LOL...

    I cook Thai food quiet often tomyam usually made from imported tomyam paste and a lil bit nampla... my little secret, and my mum gave up cooking tomyum cuz my dad says cannot compare to mine. Muahahahaha... finally one of my dish is better than my mum's. (proud la!) Hmm... mebbe next time I must snap some pic put online... can torture readers, good hor?

  46. cleffairy, i cant believe u do all that!! do post up.. yeah.. i wanna see what my little girl here can do.. and this mama here will learn.. yes..yes..

  47. LOL... that's wud happened when you get spoiled by your mum with all the good food. Go out, no nice food to eat, end up have to learn ourselves so that wun get so pissed off at the low quality ppl give you. Pay so expensive, but come out, not so nice oso. LOL...

    I have yet to learn how to handle the camera while in the kitchen. LOL... all these while, I cook fast fast so that can feed my two sharks so that both wun make noise that they are hungry! LOL... never bother snap pics!


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