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Our Pasta Dinner!

Aaron is back home in IPOH.... before fetching him from the bus station, I drove to Elin's house to collect the "goodies".... I took advantage of her cooking talent and coerced her to do the bolagnese sauce for our pasta dinner tonight and she DID that... (Thanks a lot, Elin! U r really a Gem!)

Back to our pasta... there were 3 types...
Oh, what happened to the "dog bone", "cherry", "scissors" or "penis-like" pasta?
Can anyone detect them?

Poor pasta.... Andy said there was only one "sole survivor"... hahahhahaa...
The others were so "soft" (lembik) that their shapes were sort of distorted and detached....

Anyway, we had a good time ... enjoying the meat balls, the thick gravy "cheesy" bolagnese sauce with the rest of the pasta-s... Meat balls were abundant and our dinner was really special tonight. Everything was "walloped"... not gross at all... no time to think of the "geli-ness"...LOL..

(so i think we can qualify for the fear factor la!)


  1. You have over cooked the pasta...haih next time I cook for u the pasta.
    haha glad you enjoyed the meatballs and the sauce. Nice?

  2. Hahaha! They should make 'yau char kwai' same like those gerli'll be fun! Anyway, Happy New Year to you and family!

  3. sedap-nye...i love bolognese pasta with huge meatballs. elin got the recipe or not? share2 pls. :D

    since i am here, i better wish you a blessed new year b4 i go mia from bloghopping again.

    Have a Wonderful & Fruitful New Year ok. :)

  4. elin: that is why i posted this up.. i know u will say that! hahaha.. thanks in advance..

    9pek: no time no hear... i must add u back after my blogroll went missing not too long ago.. our yau char kwai? do u think the authorities will allow that?

    miche: yes, i m sure she has the recipe.. go for maybe u can find lots to learn from there..
    miche, u mia soon? ok, i contact u thru email soon..

  5. Wahhhhhh... my mouth watering liao...and see...I say d... wun lembik lembik wan. That Cikgu dun believe! LOL...

  6. Lembik? Adoi... must take that blue V obat! lol .. I think if i was there, I'll laff until I choke myself silly! :D

  7. cleffairy: lembik lagi sedap leh.. the other lubanglubang one were quite hard, not so masak yet.. for me, lembik is better.. :p

    merryn: doi.. yr imagination runs haywire already.. lembik better as i told cleff here.. harder, i get choked, not u.. hahaha...

  8. Your blog is fast becoming a "foodie blog":)

    Happy New Year Claire.

  9. Claire:

    May you have a fantastic year 2010 ahead!

  10. Hahhahah... that was interesting food you have at the end of the year...

    happy new year claire!!! ^_^

  11. lynette: my blog is about anything! happy new year to u too!

    mingna: tai kar kam wah...

    cathJ: Happy for u too!!!

  12. what? another Fear factor post???

  13. *pulls Merryn onto the floor to golek golek wif me* Aahahaha... Claire, i think horr, id me and Merryn meet up, sure cracked up wan. Both of us oso got wild imaginations. LOL...

  14. Happy New Year, Mama Claire. Ahahahaha...last nite I oso cooked pasta, but had to use normal ones, cuz yours not yet sampai my house! LOL...'s new year... I oso ditched my wordpress blog to host outside.

    Here, Claire... go kacau me over there

  15. Oh how crazy.... I have visited many, many blogs in a year and I can frankly say that I have never been to one where someone talks about Penis Pasta.... All I can say is "Oh My Goodness".... LOL...

    Happy New Year!

  16. May the new year brings you all peace, joy, health and prosperity!

  17. My daughter would love that! She loves pasta... As for me, it's just ok for me - not crazy over it. A Happy New Year to you and your family, hope 2010 will be a great one for all of you!

  18. awwwwwww i think u know how to make this dick looking pasta hard again AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH HAPPY NEW YEARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  19. It's great to spend special moments with loved ones and happy that Aaron could spend the New Year with u...take care and Happy New Year!! Have a great 2010!!

  20. doc: nothing fears u.. i bet!

    cleff: congrats on yr new wardrobe.. hope to see more dresses there.. u and merryn bergolek golek? ok, make sure the outcome of it will be even.. and balanced.. hahahaa..

    ken: malaysian rojak pasta! yeah

    wenn: shocking too! hahaaa

    betsy: please excuse the pun.. :p

    william: thanks for the wishes! same to u too...

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. tekkaus: same to u too!

    stp: me, like u, not so crazy too, but i just do what the "romans Kids" do..

    manglish: i beg your pardon??? *wink*

    kianhin: yes, u r absolutely right! to spend new year together is a bliss!

  23. @Claire...i pulled Merryn to golek wif me, but horr, that submerryn, scared worr... she dived away liao!

    @Manglish... cannot make it hard again...tis one, mati pucuk liao! lembik for good!

  24. Well, now that's a first for me, penis pasta! Haha!


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