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Our Rendezvous In One Utama

Yes, most of you guessed correctly... she is none other than Merryn and her hero, Ethan!

We didn't plan to meet though we chatted about it few days before I left for KL. I was not sure of my plans cos for one, I do not know the way to Mid Valley, 1Utama or Ikea.... or wherever in KL, I only know how to go to Sg Buluh. So I dare not promise anything and secondly, AAron's flight was 6.30am in the morning..... so he might feel jet lag and wanted to sleep the whole day thru.

But it turned out unexpectedly that after fetching him from the airport and depositing back the luggage in the house, he said he wouldn't mind driving to 1Utama to walk after our heavy breakfast. So I quickly sms Merryn to tell her that I would be there...etc etc.... never knowing she was doing her laundry and replying that she would appear in front of me in half hour's time... she must be a SuperWoman.... can imagine her doing her household chores by flying here and there and then appearing in front of me in such a short time...

Yes, she appeared ... an hour later actually...hehehehe... so she is normal like us actually.. LOL... she is even more pretty than her photos...

Our meeting though a short one... I feel "kam yeen" already... (satisfied in another word)... :p
I came and I conquered one of my best blogger friends...hahaha.... Thank you, Merryn for taking your time off your household activities and "flying" over to meet us... Too bad we couldn't sit down and have a good meal.... Yeah, too tiring for my boy... fatigue overcame him and we have to rush home... then he slept and slept and slept...... Jetlag!


  1. are so super busy...I get tired reading your posts:)

  2. lynette: sorry to tire u down... go take a walk, rest your eyes and come back again.. :)

  3. she really looks younger hahahahaah happy new year

  4. manglish: sure looks younger ma.. how can be older than ME? HO! looking at her is just like looking at a form 5 schoolgirl!

    chris: hey, turn yr eyes away.. look at the lady on the right!! aaahhh.. chak boey lok!!

  5. Merryn really 17-year-old? Wow, what a young mum!

  6. Haha :D You met with Merryn and her hero Ethan right? :p Read about it. The 3 of you are like Grandma, mum and granddaughter. :p

  7. cindy: haha.... she really looked like a 17 year old kid... yeah..

    tekkaus: twaswatisaid in merryn's post! i looked like a grandma with my doter and grandchild.. yehhhh!!! how blessed I M!!! hahahaha...

  8. Wah.. so busy meh...
    somemore year end sales, u can shop more

  9. Wah say! Glad you manage to meet Merryn

    You still in KL or what? Jom eat Dim Sum at Sg Buloh. Guarantee sedap.You got my number :)

  10. Wah, I was passing 1Utama today! I went to Centrepoint to meet up a friend from Melbourne. If we had decided to go to 1Utama, who knows can see you there ah?

  11. keeyit: no ..not shopping.. just jalan jalan.. :)

    smallkucing: sorry, didnt manage to meet u i m back in IPOH.. tomorrow i hv to work.. it was a last minute planning to go 1Utama..

    henry: not today lar.. yesterday, when aaron flew back.. today he started working already..

  12. half hr time? no wonder merryn said she "flew" going to your meet up place! lol

  13. bel;ated holiday greetings to you!

  14. She's a Super Submerrn lah! She dun fly wan... she dive and shoot her torpedo around to get her things done!

    Hmm... Claire, you know what? I think Merryn is very photogenic kinda gal lah. I know next time I wun snap picture wif her liao... wait ppl tot I'm her grandma! LMAO!

  15. Wow..Merryn such a young and pretty momsie and Ethan looks cute too. Isn't it great to have blogger friends all over the place :))

  16. ayie: thanks for the wishes.. about merryn, she is a supermom, i guess... can fly one.. :)

    cleffairy: not to worry la.. u r karen mok, she is another actress in her own way.. both of u are going to make me rich.. i be your manageress!! hehehe.. good idea!

    elin: yes, indeed it is great to meet up if time permits.. u r also very cute in yr own way ma.. *wink*

  17. Must be real nice meet up with Merryn after you two "talk" so long and read each other blog so long and finally meet up.

    She is young and pretty mummy.

  18. Claire, :D I dunno what to say! lol... Ppl will get soooo dissapointed when they actually SEE me in REAL! Cleffairy is rite, photogenic as 'ugly' in real life! :D

    Sorry for dropping by your blog so late.. you know lah.. i'm down and almost drowned... :(

  19. Hey! Commented on this sign of my comment liao! Never mind! I'll just say...both young and pretty!!

  20. annieq: yeah..ditto to that.. i have not met u yet.. u might be another pretty lady too!

    merryn: sigh.. ok ok, i understand.. please take care!

    stp: how come.. maybe u forgot to click after commenting? is that supposed to be a compliment or ?? did u read what i wrote in merryn's post on our meeting?

  21. STP - you commented in MY blog lah! I dun think you commented here in Claire's... hahahahha.. picture quite the same so you got 'confused'? :D

  22. @Claire... say me Karen Mok... now my nose kembang liao. LMAO...

    @Merryn... poor thing Cikgu is. He's confused liao. Anyway... submerryn almost drown ah? Are you ok? Take care horr, submerryn. Come up to the surface once a while. Life underwater can get hard sometimes. I get tired of waving magic wand too...take care ya, ah jie? Drop me an email if you wanna share anything. I dun bite wan. LOL.

  23. merryn: pusing pusing with our two mother/doter faces? hahhaa...

    cleffairy: i will email to u if i wanna anything too.. can? or does yr invitation extends to merryn only??? *going to wail anytime*

  24. o.O started to sound like me. LMAO...scary oh!

    LOL...Claire, of course you're welcome to abuse my email 24/7. And if you want, you can call me up too. Sms, anything you want. LOL... you know my number. Abuse wisely. If your timing wrong horr, you might be getting my son instead of me. ahahaha

    I have yet to hunt that submerryn for her number tho. *grumbles grumbles*

  25. Hehe.. now I know Cleffairy is out there 'hunting' me... :P See if your magical wand can trace my radar! :D

    Claire, my email is open to you too :D Now.. we are all too free isit? ^_^


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