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Abacus Meal

Been eating heartily for the past few days, thanks to Elinluv and I adamantly told her that for days to come, our lunch should be either skipped or taken in lesser portions. She laughed cos she knows I cannot resist food when it comes to that! She is the slimmer one cos she exercises a lot! As for me, I only know how to sit and eat... I always got my own excuses when it comes to brisk walking, either it is going to rain or my girl is having tuition and needs my chauffeuring... LOL...

Ok...back to my topic... our measly lunch.... for both Elin and I...

it is made of yam and flour...
very nice to "ngek ngek" the fellas..

this of course is some type of yam thingy too..
each of us had a piece of this...
do u think I can lose weight if we continue to share our meals?


  1. wow! it looks so yummy. hi! thank you for visiting my simple blog. By the way I followed your blog, can you follow mine too? thank you and have a fun weekend! :)

  2. I put on so much weight after back fr Hanoi... all the food look so yummy ... yum yum!!

  3. hey claire, the 1st one looks new to me leh. Never taste it before.

  4. Saw that "abacus" many times before but never eaten. Coz am not really fond of Yam

  5. 2st time heard that name...hehehhe... but anything from Yam.. I loveeee.... ^_^

  6. all of these looks so delicious!
    anyways, droppind by on you. :) hope you could visit back and leave a comment in my site as well. take care.

  7. to sam: yes. Will follow your blog. Thanks.↲
    Amy: then i can shake hands with u . I eat most me the time.↲
    Amy pg: i think that is a hokkien dish. Not many r selling this.

  8. kathy: me opposite. I love anything that is yammy! :)↲
    Cath j.. This food is not so common so not many places sell this. I even forget what is called.↲
    Bailey: thanks for coming by.

  9. That's all for your lunch??? Ngek ngek.. where got enuf????

  10. wow, both look yummy! i love yam thingy.

  11. Looks so good!
    Lovely that you love food.
    You guys only eat so little?lol
    Have a good weekend.

  12. Ha ha, just cooked yam cake and wu tau kau yoke this afternoon!

  13. Never had those before. Hope to try one day. Well, I had yam too yesterday - bits of my bubur cacar! Tak nak kalah! LOL!!!

  14. merryn: if u have known what i ate for breakfast, this ngek ngek surely will be more than enough! :p

    wenn: *shake hands*

    shakira: ladies ma.. figuring how to jaga figure! aahhaa...

    pete: dont know whether to be thankful or not thankful not staying next door to u.. hahaha.. whether want to be bulat or not!

    stp: i think malacca have plenty of that..if i m not mistaken.. so u have yam too? love yam.. but heard it is windy and "bisa" too..

    sjb: more intereting food to come.. hahaha..

  15. cheryl: taste also interesting as well!

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