Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This cool rugged handsome man, Eugene is planning a Bloggers' Meet All in KL. When? During the school holidays. Where? In KL most probably.... Who? So far, no participants as yet, except for Eugene, I guess.. LOL.....

So who wants to start the ball rolling? Perhaps all of us can chip in to suggest what, when, where and the who's. But make sure the host of the Ball is there, the Big Man himself, otherwise no fun, right, everybody??? Don't lets talk only... MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

Anywaysss, for those who have experience in this type of Bloggers' Meet, please do help us with some useful information, something that we should know. (Eugene, over to u.....)

Let's start the ball rolling ... THIS IS IT!!!
(oopps.. better not use MJ's theme) (pui hau sui, kong kor)


*i talk so much now, i might be the one who cannot make it* LOL.....


  1. Firstly Claire i am not Big man, i am only 5'6 nia.

    and yes i am all game for the gathering, i guess we will make history for crazy bloggers like you and me, to have such gathering with no agenda whatsoever,

    I bet i cant be the organiser, umless you guys all come to Penang.

    My intention is very simple, i just love meeting with you guys,,,,seriously.

    now over to you Merryn and Cleffairy go quick quick apread the news,,

    I hope our Cikgu will be there, the real Big Man

  2. Joanna: ever heard of "hangat hangat ayam?" hahhaa.. maybe i m one of them..

    eugene: so u r here! i guess u r right..if penang, really no problem... KL, a bit difficult hor? but if held in penang, the big guns and the beauties might not be able to come.. so.. what say u?

  3. let's have it in Penang...all the good food there :)) Claire if u provide transport I want to go too and Jo I think she is also interested. She is of age now so no worry ...the Momsie tis there too LOL!

  4. ehem.. me orang PJ.. will welcome all from nouth to south with open arms :)

    quick, get me a ball.. i need to give it a head start kick...

    now let me n cleffairy 'la la li tam pum' to see if we shud put u guys in PJ or KL.. lol..

  5. i am on! hehe...hope i can make it ler...ehhehe

  6. elin, Joanna: the more the merrier of course.. yes, penang is much preferred but then.. KL ppl might find it difficult.. we ipohians can go here and there cos in the middle...

    sjb: dont be jeles, jom, join us!

    merryn: if held in KL, i think more ppl..but the big important man might not be able to come.. how about another VIP from sibu?? do u think he can make it??

  7. When is the gathering????
    I wanna come along!!!!
    But I've got date constraint.
    Can someone please email me please.....

  8. when is the school holiday?
    hahaha.. i am in johor leh.. =.="

  9. Gab: i take u along, dont worry.. hehee...

    quinn: not sure la.. have to ask the organiser.. see can materialize or not...

    donna: wah... jauhnya! ready to sacrifice or not to meet the hot bloggers??? hahhaa...

  10. Claire you better make it... hahhahaha... KL?? That's fantastic..

    1st have to suggest activity lorr..

    makan ke.. bowling ke.... karaoke ke..aik??...that 1 reject hahahahha...

    2.. after got activity... find the date.. venue lorr...

    Wahhhhh... I also byk cakapppp....hahahhahaha....

  11. CathJ: Guess what i m thinking now.. yes...yessssssss... u r the right person!! the coordinator/organizer should be U..U...
    but then, I must ask the main star first, dia jadi datang ke..
    karaoke is fine with me... really fine.. i love singing one.. how about a competition??? hehehe...

  12. I will be only able to sit back at home in front of my old CRT monitor and waiting to read all the post after you all in West Malaysia had met and post about it...Do make it happen!

  13. That will be so swesome.
    Keep us posted?

  14. Big VIP STP will be in KL in February leh! Mebe Cleff and I meet him first and bring his pictures when we meet Eugene in March! lol..

  15. Perhaps I might join if my wife gives me the green light! LOL :D

  16. Here me out...

    Here's my suggestion:

    Date: To be decided

    Venue: Midvalley Megamall or easily reachable places with public transport like KL Central or something.

    Theme: Masquerade/Indiana Jones (which means, wear mask or fedora hat! LMAO)

    Activities: Makan, of course... I can't sing wan ma...

  17. Or... on the other hand, we can have a family friendly picnic outing at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. I tink kids would enjoy outdoors... and then there's watersport too. :P There's horse rides, carriage rides, etc over there.

    Good thing bout Titiwangsa is that it's free, and got playground for children.

    Bad thing is... we have to see the weather and we have to prepack our own picnic food. Anyone up for this one?

  18. Hehe, I love this - from Bloggers' Meet to Family Day ;-)
    FOOD must definitely feature in the agenda - we are M'sians, after all! If KL or PJ, no problem for me!

  19. ok ok... Me all for it!!! Do it before I start work!!!! hu hu hu...

    I am sure sure up for it!!! Merryn & Cleff, if you two are meeting up, don't forget to call me!!!! I am on for both KL or PJ!! Merryn, you need transport??

  20. Ok, Ok,,,now i officially declared Merryn as the orgianising chairman, and Cleff and the assistant chairman,

    the roles of a chairman are, fix the date, draw up the activities,inform the potential attendees, arrange hotel, logistic,networking, call the press,ask Nuffnang for sponsor, find a theme,arrange the makan and the minuman,get a magazine,"Her World ka." Female" "Man's Health" "Herald Tribune" TV3, NTV 7. 8.9 or 10. ABC BBC, CNBC, Wah Lai Toi.

    And the only role of the asssistant chairman is TO MAKE SURE CHAIRMAN CARRIES OUT HER DUTIES DILIGENTLY,HAHAHAHAH, see i told you so i got favoutism one,jjejejejejej

  21. chrisau: JB ah.. next round la!! this one also never materialize yet.. dont know jadi or not.. hahaha..

    superman: for once, use yr wings! :p hey, we also not sure yet lar.. hope it can happen!

    shakira: sure, this is only a suggestion.. anyone wants to take over?

    merryn: chey, what bring his pics? we wanna see the Big Man himself lar.. we miss him, dont we, eugene?? eugene.....????

    tekkaus: bring yr wife too, solve all the problem about colors! :p

    cleffairy: u and cath J boleh ambilalih from us here.. eugene and i not in KL also.. so we practically dont know where is where.. long as someone takes me when i reach KL, then fine. otherwise, eugene and i, macam blind leads the blind.. hahaha... outdoors? ooohh.... i must apply sun block then.. can sing and dance or not outside?? municipal will come catch us bloggers or not? they tot we demo protest with all the masks and kinky stuff..hahahaa...

    raynebow: when it comes to food, u r one of the best.. together with elaine and annieQ, cynthia, wwoooo, not forgetting elin too, of course...cukup makan dan sedap surely!!

    cynthia: wah..sounds like this coming weekend.. hahha... so good of u.. can come fetch me too? :p

  22. psst...just my 2 cents..don't get too big a group. otherwise, it's very hard to chat. plus, it's not easy to get everyone to decide on the place and time ;)

  23. I guess I am daddy's favourite, since I can be the one who whips Merryn's butt. Ahahahaha

    Personally, I prefer the Titiwangsa Blogger Family day, because as far as I'm concern, most of us will be bringing our children along, right? We're all family man/woman. It's impossible we leave out our spouse and kids when we have fun like this, rite?
    And since it's after Chinese New Year, most of us will also be very pokai (I know I'll be!) so, let's go somewhere free instead.

    Some kids are really hyper (especially mine), and it would be better if we give them some outdoor experience. I feel like makan makan at cafe or wud kinda boring, cuz we also can't really make so much noise oso, people will look one kind at us. What's more, the group will be quite big, rite? And all the hassle with booking and stuff. *groan*

    :( Doing something closer to nature would be fun, don't you think? For those who wanna camwhore, can also camwhore like mad. Titiwangsa got a lot of nice sceneries. And besides, can bring the kids for horse carriages rides too. I think they operate the horsie services every day during school hols.

    What's more there's KL bloggers who can really cook up nice food. It'll be more homey and closer to home then. We can bring our own food and share with each other, I think this is more fun! Even if you can't bring you own food, you can always buy around Titiwangsa itself. There's small stall operating there. So... what say all of you? This is my suggestion only lah...

    Date: Yet to be decided

    Venue: Taman Tasik Titiwangsa(Lake Garden)

    Time: 4-7pm

    Theme: Casual and comfortable/ ala Indiana Jones ahahaha.... (wear hat lah, people)

    What to bring: Your own food to share with others. Or maybe... let me find out if you can have BBQ over there, we'll just have a BBQ picnic.

    So, what say you? Instead of a normal makan makan trip at some cafe or restaurant, we go for family day instead? Like this, confirm can get green light from our spouse too!

  24. eugene: u r the president then.. u can name the chairwoman and assistant chairwoman.. i seconded u for this *hand up* disoking fully.. so...both now, i can sit back and see what's happening now, right? over to u, Merryn and Cleff... and whoever wants to lend a hand, we appreciate that lots! put in your suggestions... we have yet to finalise..

    barb: how many, we cannot restrict, unless it is held in a hall where they cater only for for a fix number of person..if held outside, anyone can join... what do u think of cleff's suggestion?
    any other suggestions u have?

    cleff: eugene appointed u as the AC i think... if no one has better ideas, then we go for this.. but where this tittwangsa is, i blur blur.. btw, where is that chairlady? sitting on the chair somewhere???

  25. That chairlady, you kno lah. She's always lost wan that submerryn. Ahahaha... must be somewhere in the deep ocean.

    I failed geography, Mama Claire, but as I know, Titiwangsa recreational parks is located at the northern part of Kuala Lumpur. It is near to Istana Budaya, National Gallery, Sutra Dance Theatre and a little further on, the National Library.

    There got a lot of water activities too... can go canoe, can water cycle, ride horse...last time used to have Eye of Malaysia,but now no more liao. Now the EYE is in Malacca.

    Anyway... this is just a suggestion. Have to go with majority ma. But I think this is better than just normal makan. Kids can run around too, and nonid afraid restaurant owner chase us out! :-D

    If go for this one... then nonid to plan much oredi. Activities are already over there. Just decide the date, den bring our own food lerr...or... who else got other suggestions?

  26. Or... there's another lake you guys can consider.Taman Tasik Perdana... also in KL, and got a lot of places to visit inside the garden as well.

    Some of these place are free to go in.

    Orchid garden, hibiscus garden are free to go in, if not mistaken.

    Then there's butterfly farm, bird park and deer park in Taman Tasik Perdana too (they charge you for admission. Less than Rm5 for adult, I think)

    And then, there's National monument too. See if any of you up to my suggestion. Ahahaha...

    Since most of you wun be KL ppl... we KL ppl who host this should make it worth your trip, rite? Gogo!

    We can have picnic together first, den after that... free to visit as you please lohhh... *grinz*

  27. Now.. the chairlady has just fainted! Eugene nih! Can I let Cleff take over instead? You know me lah.. I don't hardly do anything on my own.. semua William do for me. So I'll definitely fail on this one! Cleff on the other hand, is an independant woman! :D

    Let's see.. anybody has contact with the press? Nuffnang chairman? lol...

    I oso dunno where the tasiks are .. must go find from Google Earth :D

  28. Now, now sista... we're in this together dun you dare go and dive on me! Dowan the press lerr... I dooowannnnnn.... yeee... takut, takut! Who says I'm independent woman? LOL...I drag my husband along wan lerr... aiyohhh!(Iron lady more like it... ahaha... coerce ppl wan!)

    Both of the Tasiks are in KL, Merryn. Both oso in KL.I wonder if the rest is ok with this. No response as of yet. If the rest are okay with the picnic...den we'll have to choose between the two tasiks as well. Both are beautiful lakes. Titiwangsa is more relaxing, but Taman Tasik Perdana got more things to see. Or, how about... you and I...go and check the venue out first? *grinz grinZ*

  29. Wow so syiok reading all the plans...Wondering if i can join as well?
    How nice got the chance to meet up so many fella blogger frens..what's best Papa Eugene will be here too...I want to get his autograph lor.

    Papa Eugene**i m ur silence blog reader..Heheheh.

  30. Thank you mommy ling,you make me feel so syiok juga,kononya macam celebrity, ok ok now my nama glamour is officially as Father of Bloggers,,hahahahahah,, syiok sendiri saja.

    Joke aside,famous or not,really nothing,it is just that we can be happy doing what we do here in blogging shpere.

  31. Aiyor...long story! I'll come back and read slowly when I have time. If on a weekend - never mind ordinary days, long weekend, I can go Friday and come back Sunday - even school holidays, I've to work Mondays to Thursdays. So keep me posted on how things turn out... Better let me know earlier - book air ticket can be cheaper.

  32. Wow wow wow...sound so happening. Eh, if in KL or PJ i want to join also. *raise my hands and legs*

  33. i have a better idea - KLCC PARK !
    if it gets too hot, we can hop in and shop. if we need food, it's just a throw away. the place is also accesible by train. Titiwangsa is a bit out of the way.
    wei.. comittee chairman (cleff issit ?) better make sure not too many ppl, nanti,, kena tangkap for illegal gathering.. LOL !
    seriously, klcc park is a good idea.

  34. Cool! Whose idea? Eugene?
    Why not at Penang? Maybe more easy ?

  35. cleffairy seems to be a park-lady, she knows all the parks, mind u.. (maybe during the paktor days? ok ok, i shut up) so..whatever park, i also dont have any idea, what i would like is to mingle around with bloggers, preferably some enclosed environment cos.. if in public places, strangers come and join us, we also dont know who-is-who.. right? lets say if we have an enclosed place, best if someone provides his/her, then it would be best, kids r safer in a way, no running around into lakes or getting lost somewhere when their mums are not looking!!
    so if held in KL, perhaps someone can sponsor their love nest to be opened to us bloggers? well, of course, one must register themselves, no password, cannot go in, clear? (my suggestion)
    I think someone better write down..

    Own premises?

    or anyone for Penang??? :p

  36. The chairlady is not me. It's dat submerryn... but she oso dono mana pergi. LOL...

    Aiks... coffeesncookies suggestion is also not bad. But the thing about KLCC Park during school hols, especially weekends is traffic congestion. Even though can reach there by LRT and stuff... for those who is driving,parking is a huge probs and cost a bomb. How much issit? I'm not quite sure. RM7 or Rm8 per hour? :(

    About not so many people is quite hard to say... cuz horr... we'll be bringing children and spouse oso. :( For me anything... as long as around KL area... Penang is out of my league. I got commitments, can't travel. Not sure bout other bloggers tho. :(

  37. @Claire...I oso prefer enclosed area. And now that you mentioned about having the children being taken care of... how about IKEA??? Anybody???? IKEA, IKEA!!! They are children friendly.

  38. Merryn! Merrynnn... you faster take over lah! Aiyohhhh!!! IKEA not my area!

  39. whoaa..whoaaa...slow down..Cleff.. give merryn some time to think things over... :)

  40. wah syioks meeting. Hope it is better than the past together gather gathering that I have been a few years ago :)

  41. Anybody knows of a good restaurant that caters for private functions - buffets with reasonable prices? In Sibu, I can get one RM8-RM12 per head (good buffet food - halal and with refills)...but nobody wants to come here! Sulk! Sulk! Hahahahaha!!!

  42. wow...not sure yet. Too early to make any promises. When exactly and where?

  43. IKEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooootttt!!!! I'm so loving it! Sorry for the late reply.. Ppl need to work lah! I had class until late today you know..

    I love Ikea becoz... it's just 20 minutes away from my house! And it is also one and only in Malaysia so outstation bloggers will definitely wan to go there.. I know Claire loves something about it there! And I definitely love the kalipap!

    We can dine in the restaurant.. the kids can play at the play area (spouses can take care of them!)

    Got aircond.. ICI paint wont melt.. Great Idea, Ikea! See .. it rhymes jugak :D

  44. And I'm sure MANY bloggers can make it to IKEA coz I know many frequent that place like it's their second home! :P

  45. Wah.. Father of all bloggers! That is such an honour! Eugene.. I'm so proud to be your dotter! :D

  46. IKEA sounds like a good idea. I've yet to try their meatballs...

  47. wish i could make it. i would be very busy, working 6 days a week, fr morning till night..anyway, all the best for the meet!

  48. Eugene, Father of Bloggers...that's syiok..heheh. With his signature framing at home lagi syiok..hahah..

    IKEA...i m ok with that. After all i can tumpang the chairperson if she allows me...hehheheh

  49. Chairperson wanna tumpang Cynthia! lol.. we car pool together gether.. hahaha ONE BIG HAPPY BLOGGER FAMILY!

  50. transport not a problem.. I am all can to pick up those want to tumpang... but bear in mind I don't drive lorry ah.. so, max only 4 (and 1 will be willing to carry Princess)

    Then for park, we got many many parks in KL / PJ la.. the one previously Chinnee did in TTDI also good ma.. got water water some more..

  51. This submerryn takut water water one... what if we are too engrosed in talking.. then plaks.. our anak masok air nobody noticed??? horror!

  52. Ikea is good. Civilised n clean, with amenities for kids.. tho' far from my place but am willing to go.. coz i can claim my free coffee.. hurry up... arrange the meeting before i cancel my Ikea card (gotta pay RM50 oledy la!)
    knock knock ! yoo hoo .. eugene.. claire.. when's the date ???

  53. I shall have to see all the photos you take as I don't think I can make it-haha! But have a fun time with each other and be sure to let us know how it went!

  54. Cynthia, u dont drive lorry, how bout a bus. That will be good also for us...heehehe.

    Merryn, i also takut water lor...but i will bring safety jackets and floats in case we piak into the water...kekekeke

    How about Marche' at Curve?


Thank you, readers!

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