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I Pick Up Mandy

I had a lovely surprise call from Mandy this evening. Mandy is STP's radio fren whom I met when STP aka Cikgu Arthur and contingent came to visit IPOH last year around November, if I am not mistaken. We sort of "clicked" almost immediately, she is such a friendly lady and I am sure anyone will feel very comfortable being with her. Am I right, STP? (oh, should I start calling u sir or cikgu.... but then again, we are almost in the same league, right?)

So... I said to Mandy, "Can I pick u up after 7pm?" She laughed... normally she picks up people, she said... but this evening, she is special, she was picked up instead... that is the priority of being a guest!

After picking Mandy, we went to "pick up" Elinluv as well.... how can we leave her out... cannot...
She is a MUST HAVE person too... Together these 3 Charlie's Angels (overgrown angels, I must say), went to Ipoh Garden East food court for our dinner....

we took porridge with.....

spicy hot frogs...or toadss??

ordered some satay...

some chicken wings...
and a plate of rice with dishes...
(elin, where is that pic?)

Mandy...oh mandy...
next time we go for more yummier food, ok?


  1. Eeeeeeee!!!! katak! I dunwannnn... takut, takut! Yuck!

  2. War...3 Charlie's angels went on a special mission-MAKAN! :P

  3. chris: we tarpau-ed back.. couldnt finish.. aaron & gab walloped..

    sjb: yes.. they were...but we couldnt finish it..

    cleff: then i know what to treat u when u come, i teach u how to eat katak.. very yummy la.. hahahaa..

    tekkaus: overaged angels in fact.. hahaha.. retired angels..

  4. Yee... dowan, dowan! Geli, geli!Take that thing away from me... you know... they used to sell katak at the pasar malam nearby my house! I see katak, it really repelled me, cuz i saw how they skinned those katak alive. OMG, yuck!

  5. Yummy food. I love frogs. can be steamed or cook with chili!! Muak!

  6. wow.. i love frogs very very much! ^_^

  7. I like the Tie Kai, my favorite, so Cikgu STP introduced you to Mandy alrady, i got jelos, he never did that for me, how come,i wonder?

    Charlie's angels ha? you must be jacklin Smith,Elin must be Farrag Fawcett and Mandy must be Kate Johnson, and finally Cikgu STP must be Charlie shouting out," Good Morning Angels" hahahah.

  8. Hey Claire,

    what say you, next school holiday, we arrange one big big punya Blogger Gathering down in KL, so that the rest of the friends(bloggers) will not get jelos with you, always,people come to see you one, ok?

    we arrange with Merrly,Kev,Cleff,Tekkaus,Cynthia,Shakira, and many many more lah,,,,

    then you shall be the hostess of the evening, and i shall be the MC (Mana Cari) of the evening as well,

    what say you lah,,,by then we can see the truth of Cleffairy already hahahahahahah

  9. I love the frogs. Goes with porridge = awesome! The BBQ wings looked nice too...wah....lots of good foods appearing in your blog. hehe

  10. medie007: cham mm tor la.. not that they r super delicious..

    cleff: u must try everything then only u know the taste la..widen your choices of food, let yr body system be filled with toads, frogs.. maggots... hehehee.. maggots is my favorite dish!

    eugene: oh, if stp is charlie, u must be that manager, what's his name.. bosso? bosco? hahha.. lupa lah!
    about the bloggers' party, should start organising now .. think school hols will be in march.. so i be hostess? macam mamasan geh.. hahaha.. wei, u r the perfect one.. or STP or even Cleff.. :p

    MnHl: yes, not bad and they r not cheap as well.. some ppl find it disgusting to eat them.. :)

  11. My 'father' still can't get my name right!! Dad... my name is MERRYN lah! Adoi!

  12. @Claire...No! You pay me oso I wun eat that... that THING! Eyeeewwww~ You wanna feed me, you can feed me with McDonalds or Pizza hut... ice cream or cakes...Anything but that! I wun eat THAT! And speaking of toads... I got eat cucur kodok. Does that count ah? Eywwwwwww! Ask me eat katak! Eeiiiii...Cikguuuuu... tolongggg... got ppl bully me! Aiyerrrrr!

    @Eugene... go cheap cheap place. I will pokai after CNY. :( Unless you're offering to treat me ahhh....I wanna go blogger gathering, but I am very shy wan. I am not pretty like Merryn. So, I wear mask go there, and dun take my picture, can? Wud truth about me? I go there, I wear mask, I tell you, I wear mask! Den maybe, I go beg Cikgu come all the way from Sibu, so that I can hide behind him. He's big taikor, you know? Dun play play ah! I am more than sure he's big enuff for me to hide behind and not be seen! *kao*

  13. @Merryn.... excuse him. He failed spelling. Why not tell him to become my student? I charge cheap cheap! LOL...

  14. merryn, please excuse my bro.. he has too many "doters" to keep track of.. give him a break.. hahhaa...

    Cleff.. u also another one, ask him to go for spelling classes pulak.. charging him some more.. tsk..tsk.... maybe u should open a spelling n english class in yr blog.. sure got many students one.. 1st one is me..or I..??

  15. *golek golek on the floor* Too many dotters ah? i tot just me and Merryn. Who else ahhh? LOL.

    Okok... I dun charge him. But he must belanja me. *grinZ* ( I really wonder if he'll come back and see this!)

  16. hmmm if you were one of the charlie's angels har, i think you would be Jacklyn Smith angel hehheeh

  17. Somehow, I terbaca your toadss as "toadass"... oppps!

    Food looks very yummy there! Adui... salivating here...

  18. Ipoh Garden East? The corner shop right?? Or is it woolley? ;D (recognizing the delicious chicken wings)

  19. OMG... the "tin gai".. my bf loves that, but i hate it, coz geli.. HAHAHa..

  20. Wow..all my favourite food, but except that "frog" hahahhaha, i don't take frog, but hor, when my boys were young, i think of boil froggy porridge for them but i don't know where to get frog in KL! hahahhahahahhahahhahah So bad of me ya? I don't eat but ask my sons to eat it with porrige, since i cannot find the frogs, so "my plan" of course tak jadi.

    Three overgrown angels? hahahhahahahha So cute!

  21. *Give big hugs to Donna and Annie* You're my sistaaaa! LOL.... please keep Claire away from me. She wanna feed me froggieee..... eeeyyyeewwwwwwww!!! Yuck yuck.

    @Annie... last time they got sell at pasar malam near my house. Every time I pass by there, I wanna puke, cuz I see them knock the frog and skin them alive. OMG.... EYEWWWWW!!! u better make chicken porrifge or pork or fish. Dun go for this geli eyewww thing!

  22. cleff: that will be a secret.. surely he wont tell us how many.. :p yeah, wonder he will be "back" or not..

    manglish: Jacklyn will pengsan if she sees me as her.. urgh!!

    boeyjoey: what toadass?? oh toad butt? hahaha.. gosh.. now only i catch that! how about that, cleff???

    mabel: it is near Tesco.. ipoh garden east..yes.. u r from ipoh, right?

    donna: so u have something in common with cleff now.. but at least u never scream as she did.. :p

    annie: u too? u should at least have a bite.. u wont regret.. hahaha.. actually i love the thigh secion, more fleshy... hehheee..

    cleff: yes, they are yr sisters, i m yr "mama", remember? so doter must obey mama.. eat~!~~ EAT!!!

  23. Ah! You met up with Mandy! That's good! She's such a wonderful friend, will go out of her way to help and is always concerned.

    And Eugene, when she drove from KL to SP to pick my daughter and send her to my hotel in Penang, I had not met you yet...and after dinner, she left already. See how great she is! I don't think anybody would go to such great lengths for a friend.

    And Eugene, Kate Jackson lah! Ya...and names of friends also spelt wrongly...and why you only mentioned the ladies for the proposed meet-up in KL? Me, Pete...and the others all kicked out lah!!! Humph!!!

    And btw, Claire, no frogs for me please!!! Ewek!!! Hahahaha!

  24. Cleff, you have not tell me where you stay, how i know which night market wor....

  25. U see Claire...Cikgu oso dun like froggies. Very geli yunno? *hides behind Cikgu*

    @Cikgu....u dun worry, I oredi say I wan you in the blogger meetup. LOL... so that I can hide behind you when they flashy flash their camera. I takut my picture being taken wan. LMAO...And I will go all out to ask Pete to come, because he promised to feed me*grumbles. 2 years oredi*

    @Annie... I live in Bolehland. *golek golek* Aihh, that Pasar malam no more liao. DBKL close down d. Gimme ur email. I give you my contact.

  26. Must be frogs lar, cannot be toad, toad is poisonous leh......check your skin see got spots come out or not? or at night dream of Prince Charming after eating, he he he!

  27. I dun want kodoks too.. no thank you!

    @Cleffairy, you don't need to wear mask lah.. You come as you are, we'll photoshop your face out in the pics before posting it out in our blogs ler! We respect your privacy.. we know you don't want the frogs to recognise you :P

    @Eugene - I can't wait for you all to be here in KL! It will be a blast! :)

    @Claire - Amacam? Boleh ah?

  28. Ahahaha.... you see Claire...I got gang wan. We all TAK NAK katak wan! Even Cikgu on my side. Ahahahaha....

    @Merryn Good, good.... photoshop my face out. LOL...or how about, we do a masquerade? Everyone wear mask inside that gathering. Lagi fun! Wan anot, wan anot? You ask your daddy dearest? We do masquerade at mamak stall or wud. Confirm happening wan!

  29. Thanks Claire for picking me and of course not forgetting Elin as well, thanks to both for u for the great company... having so much fun to chat with two of time Im in Ipoh sure will try to meet up with you gals again...thanks again!!

  30. STP: yes, fully agree with u..she is a nice friendly girl..nice to know her, maybe one day we will fly over to sibu to visit u.. hehhee...
    Eugene wants to be the MC.. so what say u, STP.. no guys? then we ladies also wont go la.. no guys, where got fun hor? :p

    annie/cleff: i leave u both to discuss silently here.. charge rental later..

    merryn: jika skul holyday, then boleh la.. jadi.. siapa pergi? hands up, anyone?? let eugene organize la.. he cool guy ma,..

    mandy: anytime, babe.. hahahaa.. next time we go disco-ing.. cheeyyyyy,,, hahaha..

    cleff: i know u got gang and is very geng too.. so we sort of balanced up.. our group, i mean.. one side frog side halal one.. hehehe.

  31. alamak...this reminds me that i still have 3 bbq chicken wings in the fridge yet to eat.

    Yummy food there

  32. smallkucing: 3 only nia? cukup for all of u tak?

  33. Over grown Charlie's Angel??? Oww... That is more sexier... hihihihihi

  34. I had to chuckle over the "over grown Charlie's Angels"-too funny!
    Sounds as if you have wonderful friends to share good times with.

  35. cathJ: sexier? hahha.. mandy and elin must hear about this!

    cheryl: yeah.. charlie's angels was during the time when we were young.. now? we r ... "matured" u can say! hahaha...

  36. Guys and gals,,

    dont me a favor lah, stop hantaming me ma, you all say i no come back after i left the first comment, now i am back back, quick quick read, quick quick comment then fast fast go go,, got you to do ma,,,, if my boss sees me blogging,,,, habis lah

  37. i love the spicy frogs and chicken wings...gosh, i have not taken my breakfast yet...i m drooling edy...

  38. satay & chic wings, wat can be more yummier than this!!!!!

  39. eugene: u r yur own boss vert.. so humble.. :)

    mommyling: some love them, some are disgusted.. hahahaa..

    irene: yes, malaysia food best, right?

  40. eugene: u r yur own boss vert.. so humble.. :)

    mommyling: some love them, some are disgusted.. hahahaa..

    irene: yes, malaysia food best, right?


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