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Let It Go

My mind was in a turmoil for the last few days, due to some business which was not actually my "biz" and it was wearing me out. I couldn't sleep too well lately, my eyes cried, "close them" but my mind said,"no, i wanna think...and ...think...why, why.."
Today I found the solution... I reached my was sort of a relief.. at least for now and in days to come. Whatever is bothering me doesn't seem like a burden anymore. I have been worrying for "what is not my business." My poor head has been growing more grey hair lately due to this disturbance. Well, not I am thinking of Elin's Korean Barbeque dinner and looking forward towards IT! So as for that problem, just Beat It!


  1. At least you get the problem out of your head, right?

    Lesser of white hairs now. Go and color your hair back.

    Now can enjoy your Korean food. :)

  2. hahaha food really can cheer you up hor....lesser grey hairs...I wish I can dye mine too...but doc advise me against it :p so let it be...grey means wiser LOL! Let's go makan makan and a toast to a better new year, good health and happy times together. Today I enjoyed chatting with Aaron :)))))

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. jessie: yeah.. black hair.. see nice or not..

    elin: jom...looking forward to it..
    i wonder who deleted the comment

  5. What's the problem lah Claire? I tot I've stopped giving you problems.. hehehe.. :P

    Cheer up :)

  6. Glad you have got the problem out of your system now. Guess your wont "tertinggal" Fernie again lor :p

  7. merryn: where u got give me problems? u gave me love and support only... waaaallaaau... hahhaa...

    smallkucing: yes.. berak out already.. now no more..

  8. If not Merryn den must be me liao... ahahaha....

  9. Good to hear that you have found a solution to it.Thankfully you have something coming up...that will certainly freshen up your mind.Hope you have a great time at the dinner.Good luck!

  10. Its amazing how problems both big and small can torment us until we let it go!

  11. Seems like you are trying too hard? :p Go easy on yourself Claire.

  12. cleffairy: definitely not u, love!

    webdesign: thanks for yr kind tots...

    cheryl: u r very right, small or big, it kept haunting us till we "kicked" them out of our mind and said "that's it!"

    tekkaus: sure will, bro.. thanks..

  13. Sing "Hakuna matata" (no worries) from Lion King! :-)

  14. whateva it is.. if can sweep it under the carpet,. the better... and let elin shower you with food of love..


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