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Natural Beauty To Behold

Whenever I go visiting to Taiping, I never missed going to the lakeside because I am really fascinated by the trees! These trees are not the normal ones, they must be more than a hundred years old (i think)... so gigantic and strong...the way the branches lean over to the lake, let me tell u... they are really a wonderful sight to behold! I can just stand there and feel amazed.... hahaha.. I guess, next to food, these beautiful sights never fail to escape my eyesight...

using my handphone to snap these
in a way...doing them some
but if u see them in real
u will know what i mean...


  1. Lake Garden......
    This place is an obligatory route of mine when I go to work every day...
    Beautiful scenery...

  2. Each time you see the tree, you must go and HUG it. It'll give u some sort of longevity or worst come to worst.. it'll transfer some of it's wrinkles to u.. hahaha.. but seriously speaking, it is a beautiful sight and that kind of place is my favourite. I can just sit there for hours doing nothing...

  3. tarts: u passed by each day? wow.. your eyes must be pretty healthy then..all the greens are soothing..

    merryn: no need to transfer also got so much wrinkles already la.. yeah, maybe u r right, the tree and i have something in common..we r rare species..hehehe...

  4. Saw these tree in my pic of Taiping. One day I must really go and see for myself

    Very serene

  5. I love trees.
    Malaysia does have a lot of trees but old trees, I must say that I love the trees in New England especially in Cooneticut.
    Thank you for taking those pictures,Claire.
    My mom is from Kampar.

  6. Haha... I pass by Lake Garden at around 6:40 a.m. Not green colour, but dark everywhere...
    After work, the sun is very glaring so not very soothing either...
    Seldom go there in the evening...

  7. well, that's my first place when we had picnic last time.

  8. These trees are simply stunning and amazing! What a nice place to sit and spend some time.

  9. smallkucing: yes, u will see what i mean when u r there..

    shakira: reminds me of the song, tie the yellow ribbon round the old oak tree...

    mingna: for locals, it might just be a norm.. for tourists, we like "wah...wah... " expressions.. hahaha..

    wenn: your sentimental memories then... :p

    cheryl: yeah, if it is maintained properly, it is a nice place to relax... esp for couples.. :)

  10. Beautiful. Mother nature does have its way and beauty, we must cherish in heart.

  11. manglish: thanks.. for a hp, it is the best it can take..

    rose: yes, all these are natural beauty of the world..

  12. when i went in 2006, still got monkeys around too

  13. Valentines day is coming!!Visiting with my other blog

  14. i thought you were very busy one, somemore got time go and jalan jalan cari makan ka? that's so nice, relax and chill, stress buster right?

    hmmmmmmm trees, i love tress, i open my house window, i can see trees right in front of me, but that's just one draw back though, there are birds and they make hell of noise in the wee of the morning,,,,

    you have a great day my dear sister

  15. @eugene - birds chirpping is the best-est sound in the world leh... :P

  16. rachel: i saw one only ..on the tree.. i think most have gone away.. wonder why..

    vicy: thanks for coming by..

    Eugene: yes..must go for a breakaway at times one, u know.. dont always stay in penang la.. u must take yr family for outings at times.. it is the bonding that counts, not so much on the place..
    u have a nice day too!

  17. merryn: chirpy chirpy cheep cheeeeeeeeeep!! but please..not the crow sound la.. chirping ok.. the ngok ngoik is terrible.. hahaha..

  18. Those are lovely trees and your photos capture their beauty. Thank you.

  19. I like those trees! They look so nice! Can't find such trees in KL! Must visit Taiping one of these days!

  20. Lovely trees and great shots from a hand phone.

  21. I have one of these trees next to my neighbour's house when I was little. It was huge! For some reason, I don't really like it especially when the 'mao chong'/caterpillar season is around. You can actually see those caterpillars hanging all over the tree seeking for their victims. Oh no, I can't handle the itch! It's killing me.

  22. At taiping right? I love the scenes too. Very majestic.

  23. yeah i love lakes garden pretty much =p just posted some of them on my latest entry =p

  24. Nice! You come to Sibu or Kuching, also nice like that. Not totally spoilt by development yet! And at least 90% Chinese population - especially Sibu!

  25. That place got lots of naughty monkeys around....LOL!

  26. The last time i passed by was 4 yrs ago. Still remembered that time was at night and hubby drove us to this garden.

    Felt a lil scared when passed by these old trees when they placed those green light under it, not sure is now still de same..hheheheh

  27. LOL... have you seen a murder of crow flying together? Actually, they're much more nicer to see than those chirpee chirpee cheep!

  28. callie: thanks..but in real, they are more beautiful..

    foongpc: yes, u must go one day and see for yourself, i think u love nature, right?

    diane: thanks.. hope i m doing them justice...

    mylitlespace: oh mine trees opposite just got cut off.. pity them trees...

    cathJ: yes, they are..

  29. tekkaus: yes, u went there last year, right? majestic..yeah, that is the word..

    fufu: i will hop over when i finish with this.. :)

    stp: my heart is yearning.. food, nature... i love them.. so..what else, what else is tempting me???

    mery: thanks.. they r nice actually..

    pete: i couldnt see any wor.. maybe all gone to sleep...

    mommyling: did they put green lights? oh, not so sure.. didnt see the hoong poh lights la..

    cleffairy: murder? hey, r u pulling my leg.. i smell something chirpy here..

  30. No...I'm not pulling ur legs. =.= a group of crows is called a 'Murder of crows'. It's a noun. U ask STP... I'm rite wan.

  31. oh.. ok ok... teacher, i didnt know that...surely i believe u! thanks for the free lesson..hahaha...

  32. Claire, i m going to Taiping for during CNY, do u have any hotel to recommend me? Thanks in advance if u can help me out.

  33. mommyling, i would suggest u stay in this Flemington Hotel... just at the taiping lakeside.. i will post up the pictures tomorrow.. ! :)

  34. Claire..i rang up and most of the Taiping hotels are fully of it is Flemington..SIGH...blamed my hubby for last minute decision.

  35. mommyling, too bad.. sorry to hear that.. so how? where will u stay? how about legend hotel? and the SL traders hotel .. that one is not bad...

  36. Claire, we thought of tent at the Lake...hahhaha. Most of it is fully book. SL, didnt call up cos a lil fed up hearing.."Sorry Mam, is fully booked". Anyway, give a try then.

    Dun worry, we might just tumpang at my MIL's mother hse lor. No choice.

  37. Guy
    You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.


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