Thursday, January 7, 2010

Read No Evil, Feel No-thing

For many days I did not read the newspaper, in fact, I never buy any newspaper anymore. I get my news from my colleagues, friends and occasionally I go online for details. My ex classmate told me once before, she said, it is better not to read than to read and get "heated up" with the news. Helpless... all we do is just read and grumble at certain topics. So the best is not to read and just listen briefly as what is happening. Don't want to go into details and get worked up and feeling frustrated for not being able to help in certain issues. many of you buy and read newspaper daily?


  1. Not me. I used to got to Star Online daily. Stopped since giving birth to Joshua. Not enough time.

    Even when I have time, i rather read a book. Articles in the newspaper are so depressing of late. Bad news more than good news.

    Latest news in FB is petrol naik harga in May 2010....haiz...

  2. I read news all the time. this one is must be about the Allah issue and the raise price punya.

    Now I kinda know why I get nightmares... too much Bolehland nonsense!

  3. I must read newspaper everyday. :D If not...I will feel like katak bawah tempurung. :p

  4. smallkucing: so u also nv read... me too...

    pete: yes, me too at times...

    cleffairy: i heard of that... sigh...

    tekkaus: so now u r katak di atas tempurung? :)

  5. Used to buy newspaper ....but now only read online. Sometimes, reading blog is better than those news la!

  6. I wanted to write something about those issue... but you know? They are not worth my temper. *snarl* All of these are nonsense! They're just going to make my BP go up! Celaka punya!


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