Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blogging Pays My Debts In A Way

I know I have been writing a lot of paid posts recently, (anyone realizes that?) not that it matters actually, but it somehow turned this blog to a "messy" and "rojak" blog. But I just cannot help it, I need the cash in a way, this allowance is not a big amount, but to me, it is sort of a "bonus." It helps to pay off some unforeseen expenses that props up all of a sudden. Like for instance, my auto gate suddenly needs a thousand ringgit over to repair, so this extra bonus in a way, can help to enlighten my burden, to pay off a big portion of the expenses.

These paid posts will not last, Mr. G might "slash" me again for doing advertising posts. But meanwhile, I am making full use of my page ranking to do as many as I could before they stop coming again. I have no other source of income and I hope for as long as I can blog, the money will keep coming in. Not only that, once again, I have to thank all of you who stopped by to read and to comment on my blog. Without these, my blog will not be as what it is today.... Thank YOU!


  1. It's very rojak! That's why it makes your blog interesting. I love reading your blog because it has a bit of everything - ROJAK.

    Just an ardent fan of yours :)

    Best wishes,
    AR (Ardent Fan)

  2. thank u, anonymous.. whoever u r! thank u...

  3. Hi Claire!
    Rojak or not, we still love it and come by everyday without fail. By the way, how do you go about getting paid for blogging? X

  4. fely, just register with some paid posts advertiser.. :)

  5. ya...extra money does comes in handy sometimes :D.

    I dont mind the "rojak" post. Makes your blog more interesting and I can learn something new everyday. You knowla...am so lazy to go and search for informations :p

  6. smallkucing, yeah, i post whatever that comes to my mind.. hahhaa.. thank u for coming by daily...

  7. OMG!! I have soooooooo much to catch up in your blog..probably will need 1 month to finish up all that i missed this 1 1/2 month..hehehe
    Thank you for visiting my blog.. :D i thought nobody remember kaDusMama already.. :D
    And of course..I'm so jealous you still can make money from your blog..i have no offer already.. :(

  8. Honestly...it is your blog...so you can do whatever you want with it. :p

  9. i agree with Tekkaus! I find your blog is so very interesting and I enjoy it so very much.

  10. 'Rojak' blog interesting....my favourite food also! LOL! Keep up the good work!
    Check out ads that pay in Euro....yes Euro,high income for European traffic especially Germany! I just signed up yesterday. Money is rolling in x4.5 exchange rate...he he he! Details in my petemakemoneyworkingfromhome blog

  11. Wah, Claire got Ardent Fan.....or maybe secret admirer!

  12. it's ok to be rojak..i believe it's still yummy and interesting to makan..opss..i meant READ..hhehehe

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  14. hey, i'll still support your blog no matter how rojak it gets, cos i totally understand the need for extra cash... and i really appreciate how you still drop by my blog too, even tho' it's been quite dead lately and collecting cobwebs... thank you =D

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