Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Laugh And Be Merry!

Who are the happiest during Chinese New Year festive season?
Despite the "hot burning furnace" weather these few days, the laughter and joy were written on the kids' faces when they went visiting and collecting lots of money packets (red ang pows) from the married couples.

Drinking cold iced water continuously
to quench down the heat and
the joy of togetherness with one another...

my nephew's signature laughter...
took me a lot of patience to get this!!


  1. a wonderful time to catch up with everybody on cny! sometimes people are so busy/pre-occupied that this happens only once a year! :P

  2. Yes...laugh and the whole world laughs with you! It's the best medicine. Hahahaha...those red stools, not for me! Sure cannot tahan one! LOL!!!

  3. tuti: yes..btw, what r we busy with? :)

    stp: u r very observant! hahhaa.. ok, i wont give u red chairs.. u sit on my blue sofas.. :)

    sjb: yes, kid sure meriah one..

    Rachel: thank you, gongxi to u too!

  4. Yeay... happy chinese New year to you :)

  5. i am doing fine Reana. how about you?
    Hope you had a wonderful celebration for the Chinese New Year!


  6. Your nephew looks super duper happy aye. Why? A lot of ang pow?

  7. lucky you !! so hot over there. its freezing cold here! wana switch?

  8. kris&nadia: thank u.. hope u enjoy the hols too..

    marly: thanks for dropping by too..

    tekkaus: good food, lots of ang powsssss...hahaha...

    jen: i would love to.. when can we switch?? :p

  9. Yes...very true...the kids really love it! And the sense of togetherness is great!

  10. as long as dont fall sick hor? like me T.T

  11. as long as dont fall sick hor? like me T.T

  12. ann: yes, the kids enjoyed the most.. :)

    medie007: yeah, u take care.. rest.. u r a doc so u should know . lots of motherly love will heal faster.. :)

  13. i get angpow from u 2 ar? haaahah i still single leh.....

  14. children are always the happiest! become rich overnight! we parents have to work harder to earn back! haha...

  15. You nephew looked really cheeky chap. sure very popular with everyone

  16. Glad your loved ones are enjoying their CNY! :)

    Despite the bleeding of $$$, I still love CNY coz I get to catch up with relatives and friends....and have long teh tarik sessions with my best friend! ^_^

  17. manglish: u hoe yi see take from me or not... hahha...

    wenn: we parents give out, they rec in.. :)

    smallkucing: he is.. real noti one..

    gratitude: wa..i miss the long teh tarik.. hahha.. those were the days..

  18. Sounds like such a fun time with your loved ones! Your nephew looks very happy in the photo!


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