Friday, February 26, 2010

Lead Not Into Temptation..

In the morning when the moon is at its rest, Aaron came home bringing three of his friends along. Together the eight of us went to have breakfast in Wah Nam coffeeshop, it was almost eleven, that was good cos most of the patrons had left by then. We joined two tables together and ordered quite a lot of food but I ended up taking only two because they were what I have taken.

Didn't I talk about eating healthily just two days ago? Cis... I didn't sustain it, I ended up eating these, the healthy and unhealthy (sinful) food, all at one shot.

the unhealthy but yummy!!

the healthier but not as yummier...
(Ok, I start eating my oats on Monday... clear!)


  1. ooo its supper time now. n i saw ur post. although i m hungry...i shall remain hungry :(

  2. rachel: yes, dont get tempted by me! sorry about that..

  3. very hungry for a plate of CKT after seeing your post...sob sob sob

    guess have to go cook kon low mee again lo

  4. ooooooo they look absolutely yummy!!!!

  5. kathy: that lasted me till this evening 7pm.. very filling la.. next time i take u there.. ok?

    pengpeng: yes, once awhile ok.. :)

  6. is a norm...the more yummy a food is..the more unhealthy it can be.

  7. i've been eating healthy food for my breakfast for 1 whole week already!! T.T
    aihh.. yesterday cannot tahan went to eat sushi, arhhhh... how is my life gonna be without sushi T.T

    but cannot la, must eat all the healthy food lor, i scared i will die young also, and i quit cantoon unhealthy malay food already T.T

    Gambate!! Oat together, can keep fit, can stay healthy, see so good, just not nice only T.T

  8. Haha. I have done the very same thing, many, many times! There's always tomorrow....

  9. Ooo...miss the char kway teow, Dunno when I'll have the chance to eat that again.

  10. Wow i love this post because today is festival day and post is also very sweet.

  11. Aiyo Claire!!!
    Itu char kuew teow ah, hantar sini sikit! Hahahaha! So sedap lah! X

  12. Don't know why, fried koay teow always has "the yearning" in us.. :)


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