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Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Small Favor, Please?

Hello friends!! Asking a small favor from you...... yes, YOU.. lol...

Can you click on the below image and vote for Elin, the blogger who simply loves cooking and eating?? :)

There is a contest going on in CathJ's blog and Elin has submitted her secret recipe to her Salmon Steak with Balsamic Vinegar...yummy!!!

Just click here or the image above and type No. 4
OK? Can?
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!


  1. hehhehehe.. campaign for fren ahh... you so kind hearted lerr....


  2. tekkaus: terima kasih...

    chris: tor cheh....

    cathJ: hahha... can hor? not disqualified kan? i disqualified myself only...hahaha..

  3. Aiyor...why I saw your son, your godson all voting for somebody else! I voted liao...for Elin of course! No. 4!!!

  4. stp: thanks... hahaha..

    veta: thank u...

  5. You ah really live up to your blog's name la Caring all the way. Thank you, I am so touched la by your kind gesture :)) Thank You . How can I live without you ah.

  6. This Claire real generous la!

    At 1st i thought campaign for yourself. rupa2 for fren....SALUTE!

  7. tina : thank u so much... will visit u now..

    elin: u can surely live without me, dont worry..hahhaa..

    kathy: no la..not that i m kind.. i know who is the better cook ma..hahaha..

  8. I voted for the past 3 days.. for number ONE leh.. dunno who that bugger in number ONE!!! haiyo... how come how come??? lol... hahahhahahaa

  9. that bugger will bug u, Merryn! voting 3 days, what a faithful voter u r.. but do vote no. 4 on the 4th day, will ye? :p

  10. you no voice already still care so much. really a worthy friend. lucky this one no need to use sign language hor? hahah.

  11. vote number 1 for two days wor...

    means tmw i vote num 3 is it

    then the day after vote num 4 ah?

    what happen on the 6th day ah?

    7th day is a rest day la

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. tuti: sign language indirectly too! hahaha....

    smallkucing: wei..your comment is repeating 3 times here nia.. ok ok.. tomorrow come again la... :)

  15. sori la, Claire..the Enter key got stuck. You help delete ler.Thanks

    *haiz..can hear the two hyena laughing at the bckground liao when they saw the word "enter+stuck"*

  16. Done! I hope she wins! And the receipe sounds so delicious, I will definitely have to try it.

  17. Gosh! Smallkuching's becoming like Cleffairy and Merryn now. Aiyor...this is so contagious! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  18. smallkucing: never mind, let it be there.. :)no harm done one.. just teasing u ..

    cheryl: thanks a lot! hope she does.

    stp: the more the merrier, so it seems.. hahaha..

  19. Sorry Claire, i shall abstain cos i hope all shall be winners lah, simply they all love cooking,dont they?

    Dont lah do this kind of contest,may be we should instead promote all of them, right?


  20. pete: eh eh.. lain pulak...hahaha..
    thanks anyway

    eugene ni.. come on.. just for fun oni la...

  21. @ STP;What to do...kena thevirus fromthem espcieally since Merryn stay so near...haiz....

  22. sjb: u didnt enter?

    donna: thank u!!

    smallkucing: i let stp answer to this..

  23. and i wonder who are those hyenas??? lol.. day 4.. voted for ... number 1 oso leh???? aiyo.. hahahahhaa how come my vote on the second or third day tak appear ah?


Thank you, readers!