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Friday, March 5, 2010

The Gift

When I was in Penang last Tuesday, I received a gift from an old friend of mine. The packing was kind of special, classy looking... must be something nice! For the next two days I was busy here and there, didn't open it, wanted to keep it lying on the dinner table for decoration.. lol..

But this evening, I beh tahan, I was very hungry, I didn't leaving no choice, I opened the box, wanted to see what was in store for my stomach...
the Box

inside laid these 6 packets...
opened one packet and found this round pastry biscuit..
took a bite and it was filled with pineapple fillings..
hmmmm... very nice!!!
only 6 packetS!
I wonder how much this was sold at...
must be pricey..
just look at the packing~~


  1. wow...i thought it was chinese know banana chinese. sedap or not?

  2. me also banana..that is why i dont know what it was written there.. :)

  3. Nice...more gift for you (^_*).

  4. nice packaging... i too thought it's chinese tea :-D.

  5. From somebody in Penang? EUGEEEEENEEEEEE!!!!! You never buy me anything!!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  6. I thought they were chinese tea too!! Very misleading packaging but oh my goodness, don't they look yummy!!!

  7. Yeah! The box alone already told us how pricey it is. :p


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