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Ikea And One Utama, Petaling Jaya

The youngest blogger, Joshua from smallkucing, seems to be saying, "This Is It!" and now.... presenting the mummy-s bloggers in Ikea and 1-Utama... having a wonderful time with our latest what's up in blogging... hahahaa.. thanks for the information, ladies... getting together can learn a lot... hope we can get together once again and this time... we hold a PARTY!!!! OKAY?? LOL.... next time round, lets gather up some daddy bloggers as well... macam "All In The Family." Wonder how many will agree.... haizzzz.....

presenting small kucing, her mamarazzi & the double lings old ling and one sweet young ling...

another famous mom.. cynthia, princess breanna
old ling and AA..

Princess Breanna was caught off guarded...
"hey, cheh cheh stealing akiss from me,mom "
too late... sudah kiss-ed..


  1. look enjoy there..happy holidays

  2. guys are having great time there. :D

  3. Looks like you are really enjoying it huh Claire. Traveling from Ipoh to Kl for this gathering.

  4. hazel.. thank u, now back in ipoh already..

    tekkaus: ask u to come, u dont wan..

  5. Wowh, that's great, got attend gathering for bloggers. Enjoy! :D

  6. great bonding!
    nice place for food and catching up.

  7. This Is It ~ Little Joshua got style with his index Yo! Yo! Yo! finger Rapping:

    Yo! um youngest blogger
    Wallop d'cheeze burger
    Don't mind my saliva
    Let's have fun forever

  8. mummy and daddy bloggers only about potential daddy?? :P

  9. See, you're not alone! So many fans! haha.... Have a good time!

  10. charlene: yes.. we did! haha....hahaha...

    tuti: yes, public outing is good for us..

    medie007: yes, IN happening..

    cheah: u r a great rapper.. not bad la!!! hahahaa...

    calvin: ok, i rephrase it.. all male blggers...

    kristy: yes, very good indeed.. hahaha.. great to meet up..

  11. let's make the Submerryn jealous a bit.. hehehe.. I will do my post weekend, so she will have more days to 'enjoy'.. muahaha..

  12. ahh..what a nice get-together :) so did you shop much, Claire?

  13. cynthia: dont la. hahhaa.. she was already sobbing yesterday.. lets make her happy by showing her more pics.. :)

    barb: no la.. i dint buy any clothing.. just something i need from ikea.. i will show it one of these days.. :)

  14. @Cynthia - :( sob sob! me very da sedih la!!!!!!! Crying Out Loud now... :(

  15. Hehehe...2 Lings. But dun said one old n one young lor..U r not old la.

    Really had lot of fun. Wish we have more to chit chat, but i think give 24 hr also not enuf..eheheh

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. merryn: my blog is going to be flooded soon with your tears.. come, sayang, sayang back.. next time i buy u gula gula, ok?

    mommyling: yes, hope we can meet altogether one shot.. more endless chats...

  18. Wow~! You really had a wonderful time with other mommy bloggers! ^-^

  19. can bring me next time sis? If i go with you, i won't be so shy when meeting up the bloggers. :P

  20. wow...the pic from your camera is much nicer leh....fwd to me pls when you have time.

    nice meeting up too :P

  21. Sob sob, didn't get to meet all the pretty gurls....including Claire....sob sob

  22. alice: yes, i love the time together.. :)

    chrisau: sure anytime.. u come fetch me to KL ok?

    kathy: out of many many, one of the few here shows a bit better than the rest.. very hard to get my image right one.. hahaha.. ok will send to u when i get home..

    pete: *including claire* sounds like last minute addition.. hahaha.. nv mind, understood-ed

    manglish: my son ma.. hahaha..

  23. Hehehehe!!! Pete not invited!!! Neither was I! LOL!!! I like Cynthia's blouse - lace! My missus doesn't like...dunno why! Always bought for her, dump in cupboard.

  24. aiyoo, last picture so nice lah...

  25. wow great bonding here! looks lilke you did enjoy the get together.

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  26. Hey great to hear from you.The mama bloggers are really having a great time with all the get togethers.The pictures are very nice too.I also feel you all should try to organize something such as daddy bloggers too.Would like to see the response to that.Thanks very much.

  27. Oh..she so cute. No wonder everybody want to kiss her hehehe.

  28. LOL... Cyn's daughter is just so cute. :P

  29. stp: u guys all tarik harga one.. issue invitation also wont come, i bet.. next time i send limousine first.. or .. concord to u.. hehehe...

    amy: yes.. sweet hor? :)

    amethyst: thanks for stopping by here..

    websitedesign: how about u organizing? sometimes difficult cos we r all scattered..

  30. sjb: hehehe..yes, my girl seldom kiss me also.. :(

    cleff: so adorable hor? so kissable..

  31. LOL... I oso very cute when small *perasan* i summore act in TV pendidikan last time. Wakakakaka!

  32. Wah wah...looks like a very nice get-together! I thought of u the other day when i was in Ikea, hehe! remembered that u like the Ikea cookies - so did u load up on those?

  33. cleff: so u r once-upon-a-time child celebrity too??? wow.. next time i ask for yr autograph.. no wonder u dint want to come out to meet me la.. :(

    chris: sigh..i didnt la.. but nasib baik kathy gave me a box.. phew!

  34. LOL? I cannot go out to meet you ma. Working that day, meeting dateline and I got class as well. KAkaka... that was very long time ago... back in 1993. Was chosen for some educational series for children. Acting is not quite my thing, since then, I knew I'd be working behind the screen! KAKAKAK!

  35. at least u got a taste of celebrity.. i belum ada.. BELUM.. if i m going to be.. :)

  36. It is really a mummy gathering.
    Next time, you can organized a party at house to meet more mummy : ).

  37. chvoon: then will the men bloggers come? :)


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