Friday, March 12, 2010

Let's Rock....

Tonight is the night to drool over some kind of common Ipoh food you can encounter while visiting. It has been some time since I last visited Let's Rock coffeeshop for their famous fish balls varieties and their claypot fish head curry. It is opened in the evening around 7pm and from that time onwards, the crowd will be there.

Can either order noodles or white rice to go with the curry and the fish balls, oh, I forgot to snap the fried beancurds...they were plentiful there... guess I was too hungry to take those pictures...

i ordered this dried meehoon mixed mee...

with the burning hot curry fish head...

the varieties..


  1. I so long never go there already since Im still studying.... guess the food still good!

  2. Mouth watering cuisine, the sizzling pot curry fish head makes me hungry... going to get some snacks!

  3. War...the pot of curry is so..huge! :D The price tag must have matched right?

  4. OMG..the curry fish mmmmmmmm. Sedapppp hehehe.

  5. I want the curry fish head...but am having sorethroat now :(

  6. love the curry fish head...look so yummy.

  7. Yummm....I just finished my Sunday night meal of pizza.


Thank you, readers!

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