Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Pictures In One Utama Shopping Mall

Looked through my pendrive minutes ago and "ternampak" few more pictures of Cynthia and her princess Breanna... couldn't help not posting up for them to see... :)
This time in KL, I have taken a lot of pictures and I love them!
I hope I can be able to go down once again in the coming weeks.... love to meet you all once again.. really I do... hope more can make it though.. :)

cynthia, this is for u...

cynthia with her BR ice cream

Princess Breanna

my two chaperons...

Just asked my kid, she said June has another week of school holiday. Maybe I make a trip down again... this time I hope we can gather more bloggers to meet up, is it better during weekdays or weekends? Weekends, right?


  1. Shopping again in KL.....bought loads of stuff back to Ipoh? LOL!

  2. Yeah! Perhaps we can meet up. Haha :D

  3. Oh...u not from KL? U r from whr?
    Nice meet-up.

  4. I have to salute you, Claire! This holiday just ended, now you thinking of the next holiday! Wa~lau~a!

  5. You are so famous many gatherings.

  6. Looks like a wonderful time together!

  7. medie: ok weekend then.. :)

    pete: surprisingly, never bought much, just 2 pairs of sandals.. and something for myself..

    tekkaus: serious or not!

    mery: i m from ipoh..:)

    kristy: plan early.. but then wont jadi one.. hahhaaha..

    mummygwen: no la.. nothing to famous.. i m just suggesting..

    cheryl: yes, we had a wonderful time..

  8. come down in June and stay longer so that i can meet up with you too. weekends is good :D

  9. Love princess Breanna heheheh, she so cute.

  10. barb..another school hols in june

    sjb: yes, she certainly is...

    kathy: ok, weekend!

  11. BR, my PINT of ice cream...i m going to grab few pints this coming 31st March..hehehhe

  12. got 31% right? i also wanna grab!


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