Monday, March 22, 2010

Swedish Beef Balls In IKEA

About Ikea again!! I am not advertising about Ikea, though I would love to if they recognised me as a blogger?? Don't dream...
Anyway, back to IKEA, our morning brunch was taken here, as recommended by Aaron. I have posted this in my letswallop blog but different photos actually..
It was only 11.15 or so, but the crowd was already there, even on a weekday! Wow.. I cannot imagine if it was a weekend... guess we would not get a place easily to have our meal......

my son recommended this..
swedish beef meatballs eaten with strawberry jam!
first time i tasted these..


  1. Wow...these meat balls are so huge and...well...yummy! :D

  2. ikea has great food! besides their great designs too. they're getting too crowded these days.

  3. I heard that they sell egg tarts too. Did you see any eggy treats around?

  4. This is my favorite place for balls :) Yummy~

  5. Those meatballs sure look tasty!

  6. Hey...that what i ordered yesterday hahahah.

  7. i love beefball. do they have finnish meatballs? my fren living in sweden told me that finnish meatball is the best.

  8. tekkaus: actually not very huge, maybe my camera magnified them :)

    tuti: yes, we love their house designs, made us wish that we have a house all over again..

    mingna: yes, i saw some and tot of u.. hahaha.. but i noticed that they were not so fresh...

    smallkucing: yes, we all do too!

    tZ: u love them too? i mean love going there?

    ai shiang: yes and eating them with jam.. hahaha...

    sjb: yours must be canadian balls!

    miche: i don think they have.. most of the food there are named sweden.. swedish herbal sauce.. as in my meal. chicken leg..

  9. i hvn't visited IKEA for quite some time already.

  10. I personally don't eat beef, but my husband loves the Sweedish meat balls, and it's certainly a prefect match with its berries sauce. :)

  11. erm....must go visit Ikea this weekend~~~ after Bookxcess off course! =)

  12. actually, the meatballs are made in Malaysia.

  13. actually, the meatballs are made in Malaysia.

  14. I love Swedish meatballs but had never heard of eating them with jam. I learned something new today from your post!

  15. cheekeong: visit only? :p

    wenn: i love going there! so much to see..

    alice: berries sauce.. yes!! first time i tasted them..

    angelbear: u also an avid reader like kathy? wah.. envi u all la.. so many cheap books..

    elaine: i guess as much, otherwise how to be halal? :P

    cheryl: yeah, eating with berries jam was the first time for me.. maybe swedish ppl do that?

  16. Never tried these balls. Are there any strong beef smell? Look nice with the gravy.

  17. mNhL, hi hi....the meat ball is quite "beefy", but it taste good with the jam. Yummy!:-)


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