Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Is This Me?

Hi Readers...
Just want to make up my mind.. .(told u all earlier that I am a fickled minded old blogger!)

Is this new layout ME?
Does this new layout suit ME?
Or is my previous layout better?

The bottom line is.... I feel something wrong somewhere in this new layout.... give me a day to get used to it, if I haven't I will be back to my Old Original Old blogger template, an Old fashioned ME!


  1. I do like it. However, if it doesn't feel quite right to you, then you should change. And of course, sometimes it does take time to adjust, as I have found out when I changed mine some time ago!

  2. EYEWWWWW....this is like little girl's blog - some young teenager. I thought I logged in the wrong blog! Hahahahahaha!!!

  3. hahahahahahahaah i agree with suituapui, i tot i am in one of the teenager's blog hahahah but it's ur blog....as long as you are happy lar

  4. At first i thought i stumbled upon Claire the sexy's blog not the old Claire the auntie's blog,,,hhahahahah.

    anyway, like i said, it is about you and the content in it........

    i love you just the way you are,,, i mean love your blog just the way it is

  5. i think that this theme is not bad actually...

  6. Love the layout, but on ur blog... i think the previous one's more comfortable =) but i like those templates u made a while ago, sketched-effect of ur family pics =)

  7. It's ok for me too. But the decision is always in your hand.


  8. I like it.. I think its fresh and young.. :-). You can certainly get used to that.

  9. I personally like this layout, more casual... and youthful!

    Anyway, it's your bold content and humorous that I bump into, nothing to do with the layout. :p

  10. I like this.. very nice..
    lemme give my fair share on yr old template.. 4 pretty faces but stuck in the spaceship suits.. spoilt lar.. if you wanna put in yr kids pics.. perhaps in a nicer family portrait.. minus the spaceship suit..
    kekekeke.. dun get offended.. giving u my fair opinion.
    or.. perhaps.. get a caricature drawn of 4 of you for yr blog template ?

  11. I like blue stuff...and black stuff... so I like this one and the other one... both I like! LOL...neway, my mata quite rabun...so I like refreshing and soothing colours... this one nice. =D

  12. Wah, who is that young cute girl blogging sitting on the grass......Claire?

  13. Oh jolly good! This is much much more better and very refreshing as well. I like the blue... so calm & sweet! So, who is the designer? I'm still working on my layout too. Thought of enlarging the space to 3 column! Thanks again!(you know what LOL!)
    Have a nice day.
    Cheers, Kristy

  14. cheryl: i decided to trial it for a week or so first :) getting used to..

    stp; something like second childhood? choi!!! hahahaha...

    manglish: actually i like the laptop girl ma.. it is like me who is always on the laptop at home!

    caroline: cos u r young..hehe..

    garfield: i should trust u, u r an expert!

    smallboar: that sketch one is more family, yes.. but i am also contemplating whether to put our pics up there so clear...

    waikeong: i am stil weighing it.. :p

    kiasumum: that is a positive comment!! hahaha.. i like it..

    alice: thanks.. but am i bold in my content? hahaha.. i will try to be bolder..cos i think i m not bold enough! thanks anyway!

    elaine: no no, not offended..yes, what i want to hear too.. is the spaceship not so good huh.. i kind of like that..cos not too big and clear faces seen too, but i agree with u on the caricature idea, i have thought about it, but needs to pay someone to draw, that is the setback! :) who can draw for me...???

    cleff: can nice be Fantastic?? hehehe.. yes, nothing fantastic but sort of ok lar.. u know, simple and soothing.. right!

    donna: i like her with the lappie thing...that is me! minus the blond and the youthful face..

    pete: hehee.. come on, give me a chance to be young, OK?

  15. kristy: ok, i look forward to your new template.. hehehe.. learning, still exploring.. :)

  16. well Claire. It keeps getting better. For a senior blogger, you rock! Keep learning - and maybe can teach me too :-)

  17. I think this suits u. Neat and comfortable^^

  18. as long as you like it my dear fren..we as reader will get used to it soon or later... ^_^

  19. It's always nice to chg the layout and/or header once in awhile. Anything u like, we oso like. ;)

  20. kev:awwwww....senior blogger?? ok ok, senior blogger i will be! no denying that already.. hehehe... this girl's hair shouldnt be blonde, should be grayish, dont u think so? :p

    kelvin: yes, slowly slowly i will be more comfy sitting on the grass and blogging.. "p

    cathJ: yeah, takes time to get over anything.. or get used to everything..

    slavemom: yeah, in these few days, i changed a few.. see how fickle minded i m!

  21. I love this layout and it's very 'fresh' but it's a bit too 'bright' somewhere .... :) As long as you like it, why not :)

  22. ACTUALLY....I quite like this new look. When I first came to your blog, I didn't know you were a mummy. I thought you were a younger person! :) I think you are young at heart so this look is alright.

    But then....its all up to you in the end! :)

  23. I already commented in your previous post that I liked the blue! So I'm enforcing my belief here. LOL!

  24. Look very cartoon but ok la..suits u. hahah

  25. oh-la-la!!There's nothing wrong with your new template dear and guess what?So envious about it coz you know how to change yours.My friend did mine lol!

    Thanks for dropping by,Claire!Nice to hear from you!^_^

  26. honestly? no.. it's not you.. dont have ur lovely kids and you in it..

  27. This is a different layout...refreshing but it lacks your identity. :D

  28. hey Claire, this is a cool header and layout. i like it. however, it took me a while to load your blog. anyone faced this problem or is it just my great internet line?

  29. mommyangel: oh, i tot too dull somewhere.. let me find out where..

    ann: thanks for the compliment!

    sweetwitch: blue is soothing no doubt.. but somewhere.. something is lacking.. :)

    sjb: how cute! the girl right?

    chrisau: i take that as a compliment! :p

    clarissa: u r wrong..someone dear did mine too! hahaha...

    merryn: i have tot about that.. but i like the girl with the laptop.. cos i m always on it too! :p dont know whether can squeeze in 3 kids here or not.. :p

    tekkaus: no Me and my kids, right?

    barb: oh dear, really? mine very fast wo.. let me check with others..

  30. To me, i think it looks fresh and vibrant :D ahhaha.. but the theme maybe not that suitable. :P sorry. but it's good that you thought of changing layout. :D i like the colour!

  31. It's simple, bright and chic.. I like simple designs so I'll say it's nice :-)

  32. charlene: theme.. makna..caring is not only sharing? i changed it last night then suddenly i remember cannot change one..cos all my registration for other websites are written that name.. :(

    chloe: ok, one positive at least.. :) tot of changing again..

  33. This is a very nice layout, bright and cheerful...and comfortable for reading too compared to the old one...

  34. Oh..I thought I came to the wrong blog. LOL! I personally like it because the colour is very soothing. Not glaring and I like BLUE.

  35. I know this mommy always young at heart, guess that's why she has something young ere...nice n sweet.

  36. I like it!! It is very fresh...

  37. Nice layout but I prefer the header with you and your children. I used to change my layout quite frequent till I am satisfied with it. Take your time. :)

  38. Somehow, I miss being greeted by the pics of you and your kids. Perhaps revert to old blog but change to a lighter background colour? ;)

    This blue is soothing thou. ^_^

  39. lemonjude: yes.. i agree..

    mnhl: soothing, i agree too.. only the pic..

    mommyling: hehe.. ppl might tot i m just a teen..

    mommygwen: cos used to seeing me with my kids.. i was going to put that back.. once i decide.. :p

    gratitude:yes, i like that too.. but a bit plain if u ask me.. let me think about it .. :)

  40. hey Claire, i have thought changing my existing layout to this one...but obviously, i'm too lazy to do all the setting etc that i'm still with the old one..hehe...

  41. I like this theme. Very cheerful. Same like yourself.

  42. mamamia: maybe have to take days to get used..but i think i will have to change..

    kathy: this theme is suitable for someone younger.. definitely.. :p

    Wanie: u want this? i am going to change it soon.. :)


Thank you, readers!

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