Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Taiwan Goodies

Yesterday I received an sms from this Ipoh blogger, she has just came back from Taiwan.. guess who? Yes, I am sure many of you know her as well.

She sms-ed me to say that she had dropped by at my house but no one was in and she left something there. I thought she put something in my letter I took my time to go home. I was at the hospital actually and when I reached home, I saw a white package near my potted plants... Thank you Lady W, if u didn't sms me, I wouldn't have noticed it. (short sighted ma)

a lovely package
Fit Line From Germany
and now.. what are the goodies hidden?

see!!! Whole lot of them!!
I was double "Wow-ing" with my girl...
I have tried all the taiwan goods
My son Aaron must have smelt it,
cos he came home for awhile
And left taking some along with him :)

ahhhhh.... nice or not?? hahhahaa...
look at the bracelet not hair follicles please...
Thank you once again, Lady W!

(thank you for brightening up my day....btw, where will u be going next? LOL)


  1. I've never been to Taiwan.
    Plan to go one day to try all the delicacies e.g. Oyster Mee Suah, Braised Pork served with Rice, Pineapple Tarts....

  2. I am sure she is Wenn!

    a lot of taiwan foods.

  3. mingna:i also never been there yet.. wait till i master some mandarin first :)

    chvoon: not many ladies start with W here, right?

  4. YOU are surrounded by ppl who love you claire.. everywhere ppl go, they'll remember you... :D

  5. Nothing like a surprise to brighten up one's day!

  6. wow. all the way from Taiwan. cool

  7. Wow....good for you.Nobody cares about me. Buahahahaha :(

  8. Wenn is so generous. Bring all the way from Taiwan. Very "Yau sum".

  9. It's Wenn right? How sweet and thoughful she is! Saw the Taiwan's pictures she posted, it was awesome!

    p/s:Very nice bracelet she got you~! Have a great week ahead!

  10. merryn: i m blessed with frens like u all.. really i am..

    william: yes, these few days hectic for us..

    richard: cool hor.. so many thousands of miles..

    tekkaus: can we go malacca? then we will treat u good too.. hahha..

    kathy: not forgetting u and some others.. blogging is indeed good hor?

  11. I would like to wish you and your family
    Many Easter Blessings and have you a great Easter!

  12. nice of Wenn. come Tekkaus never invites people to Malacca hor? Anybody wants to come to Sibu...anytime! Most welcome!

  13. chrisau:yes, a great easter gift..

    joblessgirl: *all mine* hahahaa..

    shakira: have a blessed easter!

    stp: i guess tekkaus is all shy, u have met up with aplenty too, right?

  14. See we are like brothers and sisters of the blogger world, too bad lady Wenn stays too far from me,,, jelos still very very jelos,,,

    have a great week ahead ya

  15. wow, so good got gift from Wenn.

  16. woah claire! lucky you wor! got so many gifts! Happy Easter to you ar!!

    Jen from

  17. chubs: Happy Easter to u too!!

    eugene: I be going to penang one of these days during april.. wan any gift? :p

    amy: yeah, same kampung.. hahaha..

    rachel: Yes I AM very Thankful that blogging has brought me so many good frens, including u as well, indeed I am thankful to the Almighty..

    jen: easter gift.. :) thanks!!

  18. So sweet of Wenn. You have a lot great friends. ^_^

  19. nice gifts. so thoughtful of Wenn :)

  20. Wow... nice and very thoughtful of her! You know, buying things for people while travelling is a very difficult thing. I personally can't do it because the space is always a problem.

  21. mommygwen: we do have great frens here..

    barb: yes, very totful of her, normally when i travel, i dont buy much :p

    william: yes, we have something in common, travel light! and as for me, money matters..hahaha...

  22. Oh..i lovee Taiwan goodies. Plan to go taiwan end of this yr..duno jadi or not.

  23. Wow, you got lucky again ho! Did she bought you the brown sugar mochi? Yooo... that's the best of all!

  24. Thanks for the details.It's always nice to receive such pleasant surprises..the bracelet is lovely.Look forward to hearing from you soon again.

  25. Nice gift from your friend..

  26. mommyling: hope u jadi pergi.. go enjoy yourself.. but eh, end of year, no tyhoon meh?

    pete: yes, very nice of her...

    kristy: yes, i m blessed, no, no mochi.. hahaha.. next time i go buy myself that...hahaha...

    lynette: nice to be spoil once awhile, yes?

    webgraphic: yes it is nice.. will visit u soon..

    mery, indeed it is..

  27. wowww... so much of goodies.... :)

  28. mommyling: sure jadi one if no typhoon.. :p

    cathJ: yeah.. goodies bag.. :p

  29. What a lovely surprise indeed. How wonderful it must have been to look at all the gifts inside.

  30. I know who is the lovely and thoughtful lady who give you the gift:-) She is indeed a nice fren.


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