Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sane Or IN-sanity?

Going for a breakaway from HOME... wanna have a change of scene... arrhhhhhh....
I am eloping.... wanna take a breath,
Heave in and out... Great!
Allow me to go, please...
I am falling.. but not fallen yet....

Let it be for the moment, I will come back and solve it...
Right now, I will do some packing...
Then I say Sayonara...
Don't ask me where or when... as yet...
But right now...
Gonna stuff myself with food..
Food and More Food to keep me sane!

(ranting post)


  1. have fun in penang auntie...please ask aaron and andy eat more for my part. hehe..

  2. take care Claire. everything's going to be ok after a break :) every cloud has a silver lining :D

  3. Enjoy yourself... Icecream and chocolate cakes are comfort food, do they help in your case?

  4. Enjoy yourself in Penang lah :) Remember to eat CKT and Oh Chien on my behalf ya :)

  5. U like penang so much ka sampai mahu elope

  6. U like penang so much ka sampai mahu elope

  7. Claire, are you okay? I go take thermometer see, wan anot? LOL...Take care now... :P

  8. Hey Claire, Penang is always great
    ! Welcome! :P

  9. if you need food therapy, there's no better place in m'sia than penang. but i do wonder who or what is driving you insane??

  10. Enjoy your getaway Claire. Don't forget to buy me souvenirs ok. :D

  11. hi all..i m back.. refreshed.. hope all is under medication.. :)


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