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Reading and Sex

Anyone read the front page of Star today? Bet many of us did read with interest about this article... A teacher was awarded something for being outstanding in achievements in education. Wonder what award it was... Out & Standing ooops..I mean Outstanding :p I read with amusement... reading and having sex daily, daily... and daily. *tabik* Salute to him for being so frank .... because of daily sex, he have the concentration and energy in his work throughout the day. (now i know why i m so tired instead... lol) Did the papers misquote him? He is neither shy nor embarrassed, in fact this is the antidote to a blissful marriage, so it seems.... Reading and sex is the key to a successful marriage... anyone can second that?

Hard Rock Hotel

The next morning after our breakfast, we went to Hard Rock Hotel, to see the beaches. Actually planned to go there the evening before but due to the Wesak procession, the roads were all jammed up. We were leaving on the next day so before we did, we went to have our "suntan." When we reached the hotel, we were taken aback... the hotel was so boisterous , too many people in fact, at the lobby, around the hotel... everywhere. It was no more fun, in fact, it was too "public." All of us did not like it... we just walked around and then we left after our "suntan." Leading to Hard Rock Cafe yes, the show that never ends in Hard Rock... This hotel is more suitable for family and youngters...

Gurney Hotel Penang

After paying a visit to the monkeys, we went to check-in to Gurney Hotel. But the adjoining rooms were not ready yet. Waited more than half an hour before we went up to our 35th floor. One room was super cool but unfortunately the other room was super hot.. Complained to them and they gave us another room few doors away. To cut the story short, the front manager was so nice, she gave us another 2 extra complimentary breakfast for the inconvenience caused, so instead of 4 free breakfast, we have 6..... Well, Gurney is not bad, huh... but then it was not our fault, we told them that so much time was wasted from one room to another that we finally settled in at around 3.30pm. Gurney Hotel along Gurney Drive waiting for our rooms to be ready... our guests... we love staying here... the rooms are very big, jacuzzi bathtubs, 2 tables a giant bed, a long sofa.. my room rate is RM210 took a walk while waiting for our rooms... love the sea.... two by two... later in the evening we went down

Ciao Bella!

Time really flies.. my Canadian friends have left for Kuala Lumpur last night, or should I say early morning... I sent them to the railway station, the train was supposed to arrive at 1am but ended up arriving at 2am. Gosh!! 1 hour delay. Exhaustion rose upon us, as I have "chicken eyes", I was really trying hard to keep them opened. LOL.... Finally the train arrived, we hugged each other and bid our goodbyes. We do not know when we will see each other again but we have a feeling that we will. It was really wonderful having them around, we had our laughter and fun these few days, reminiscing the good old days! Till then Yvonne, David... stay happy, stay healthy and we will meet each other before we know it... we are together again... Today I will just laze around like this lady below and hope you guys will have a great time too!

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens... yes, we went to Penang yesterday and on the way to our hotel, we stopped to visit the monkeys. They are so bold now... they came in clusters to the entrance, sort of welcoming the "guests" like us.... yes, they are not afraid of humans now, due to hunger, they were at the gates to "receive" tourists.... it has been years since 4 of us have visited Botanical Gardens... Next.....our hotel and our activities...

Time Tunnel In Cameron Highlands

Here are some pictures taken.... I did not know that there was a time tunnel in Camerons .. we had a wonderful time there, reminiscing and laughing at what we used to "use" and "play" when we were younger.... Yes, Time Tunnel, the name is really appropriate... it really bring us back to our younger days... "Our" means my friend and I... not including u all.. LOL ... unless you are born during the 1960s?? LOL .... my mode of transportation during my primary days.. chauffeured by a trishaw ... paper dolls.. ninja turtles.. entrance leading to the 60s... my type of school bag during my schooling days.. ancient toys.. lol.. the ink i used to use... I would recommend this Time Tunnel if you have not been there... Maybe you might not like it but my friend and I certainly do... it is only a RM5 entrance fee..... Time Tunnel Gallery is between Brinchang and Tanah Rata, 300 meters from KEA farm (Equatorial Hotel) and before reaching Tanah Rata.. the signboard Ti

Rape And Terror In School

I read with horror about this Rawang school these few days... I didn't know that such notorious and terror reigns in this 3000 students school, considered one of the largest number of students schools in Malaysia. Just few days ago, I read the Star online publishing the students fear of going to school each day and even the adults were also fearful as well..... all because of gangsterism of some ex students lurking around the school asking for protection money. If not for the plight of this poor girl student being raped recently by a group of "students," the higher authorities just "cannot" do anything about this because no one came forward to confirm the claims. It is just too sad... When the STAR went undercover, they revealed the gory details of how the girl was tortured... if not mistaken, a 4cm pencil was pushed into her private parts and a bottle of medicated oil being douched on her as well..... Gosh!!! As if the raping is not enough... why are they so

Cameron Highlands, Here We Are!

Today I was on leave, yes, surely... we left for Cameron Highlands right after our breakfast. This was my first time ever... I mean driving to Cameron as a driver, not a passenger. but halfway, I was feeling kind of dizzy, nauseated even though I was on the wheel... Funny, though.... But thank God, we reached there safely.... I have to stop at KEA farm to take a rest and my "wind" kept burping out from me... I was so relieved after all the burping.. I thought as a driver, I shouldn't be feeling giddy or dizzy...gosh! Anyway, I managed to drive from Kg. Raja, Brinchang, Tanah Rata... and back.... (i must admit i m not young anymore, it was a tedious trip for me...LOL) But we enjoyed ourselves anyway! then we went to look at some greens... at Bharat tea plantation see, I am alright now.. after a bout of "burping" out gas... Reached home 3.30pm... After a short nap, I am fully recharged... Now awaiting the next program... YES!

My Canadian Friends

For days I have been looking forward to see my childhood friend..... and there she is today! Yehhh.... She came with her husband and they are staying with me for some time. Both are from Canada and we are going to have a fabulous time together here in Ipoh. I will take them to here, there, everywhere... eat, talk, tour... talk, eat! I have not seen her for two years over since my last trip to Toronto... now they are here, right in my own house.. geee... we are going to have fun! LOL.... (hey, don't get any ideas in your head, TC) Just now we went to David's Diner for our dinner.... they said it was great, yummy.... the american boss came out to greet us and talked to us.... she is one friendly boss, knows how to mingle with the guests.... ooohh.. why are my eyes so small liow and my nose so big!! geeee...

My New Red Toy

I got myself a new toy... not to play with... but for my precious laptop! I must take care of my lappie, because without her, there will be 8 nights and 7 days... lol.. time will crawl.... We were in the shop when Lynn saw this cute little mini fan. All of once we fell in love with it because we are computer addicts. Being computer addicts, surely we want to be cool and comfy too... and this mini fan serves our purposes, to cool ourselves and our laptops as well... they will not get heated up, right? looks cool, eh? looks cute, eh.. but... will this spoil our computers in a way?