Saturday, May 29, 2010

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens... yes, we went to Penang yesterday and on the way to our hotel, we stopped to visit the monkeys. They are so bold now... they came in clusters to the entrance, sort of welcoming the "guests" like us.... yes, they are not afraid of humans now, due to hunger, they were at the gates to "receive" tourists....

it has been years since 4 of us have visited
Botanical Gardens...
Next.....our hotel and our activities...


  1. I like the last pic, your family pic with everyone in it. Nice..

  2. oh dear.. dat's such a sad looking monkey in Pic 3 Claire! What did u do to it? :D

  3. i hvn't been to the botanical garden for ages..guess it's still about the same.

  4. inspiredmum: thank u..

    kathy: nice..nice...

    merryn: *give a guess* :p

    wenn: yeah.. same only except front entrance, renovated a bit..

  5. No signboard mention "no feeding monkeys"?

  6. Wonderful, great pictures!


  7. Hey, come to Taiping Lake Garden, more monkeys are awaiting...

  8. isley: none that i could see.. pity food...

    jane: thank u...

    sjb: my frens seldom see them in canada... :p

    mingna: lakegarden? i didnt see much like those days... where do u mean...

  9. friend took me there in August last year. I had not been there since December 1973, imagine that. The place is completely different now.

  10. Botanical Garden is really refreshing and relaxing. It's been a few years since I went last. But always there are nuiscance monkeys.
    They are "smart" to ask for food.

  11. stp: then u must go again. look at the greenery. it is worth it.. free entrance one..

    jessie: u r staying in pg, right? good to go for a walk there.. but i think it is quite lonely nowadays..

  12. like that last pic of your family. so laid back, so happy :)

  13. Claire, the umbrella is really useful. Few ppl can hide underneath, hehe.


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